6 essential tips to start taking care of your face right now

6 essential tips to start taking care of your face right now


Just everything influences the condition of our facial skin: sleepless nights, tiredness, arguing with someone, cigarettes, and so many other things.

Only ‘everything’ influences the condition of our skin: sleepless nights, tiredness, arguing with someone, cigarettes, and so many other things. Especially the area around the eyes, which is extremely sensitive to these stress factors.

It loses elasticity very quickly, in addition to being one of the areas with the greatest activity, in terms of movement: we blink, make “faces and mouths” and turn our eyes all the time.

To help you take a little better care of that beautiful face of yours, we’ve put together some tips that will help you in your everyday life, without fear, without pain and without rushing!

Check out 6 essential tips to start taking care of your face:

1 – Preventive action

You know that saying “prevention is better than cure”? So, that’s it. If you don’t already know, be careful, because the later you take to start taking care of your skin, the longer it will take to see results.

Furthermore, if you only start taking care of yourself when you reach middle age, it is very likely that you will need a cosmetologist. But, of course, genetics helps a lot too!

The best age to start taking care of your skin is around 20 years old. Mainly because this is the time when you start using a lot of cosmetics and the burden on your skin increases.

Skin care must be constant, there is no one product that will work miracles (unfortunately!). That’s why you always need to be careful, even if it’s just one cream in the morning and another at night.

2 – Never use just one product

If you have very deep dark circles or blemishes on your face, for example, you can buy a product that addresses just one of the problems.

There is no way for one product to solve multiple problems. So, it’s important not to use moisturizer to try to get rid of dark circles. Choose a product suitable for this purpose.

3 – If necessary, wear glasses or contact lenses

Even though glasses are a lot more modern than they have been for some time, and even though they are uncomfortable (you get used to them!), glasses are also excellent for helping to keep your skin in good condition. This is because when you have bad vision, it is common to frown, frown, squint and so on, to see something. These actions, which are often involuntary, cause wrinkles!

Ah, sunglasses – for everyone – are essential too.

4 – UV light is terrible for the skin

If you don’t use sunscreen, you better start rethinking the idea. In addition to damaging the skin, the sun also influences dark circles. Therefore, use sunscreen and sunglasses whenever you can (always!).

5 – Pay attention to the composition of the products

Sometimes, in a hurry or due to lack of knowledge, we end up buying some products that may not be as good for our skin as we would like.

Therefore, take a good look at the product’s components, check if they are suitable for your skin type (dry, oily, normal).

The best way to discover the ideal product for your skin is to consult a specialist.

6 – Apply the creams correctly

When you apply creams to your face, pay attention to these tips, they will give you much more positive effects:

– Before applying the cream, clean your skin well, even if you have not used any cosmetics before. Pay special attention to the area around the eyes and do not rub the skin with a sponge.

– Apply the cream carefully, lightly, and spread by massaging the skin and not rubbing. The more you rub and stretch your skin, the more elasticity it loses.

So, did you like these tips? Want more? Comment with us!

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