Quem é Karen Kardasha? Conheça essa personagem que bomba no Insta

Who is Karen Kardasha? Meet this character who is popular on Insta


Karen Kardasha is a character created by Renato Shippee who is very successful on the internet with advice on how to win a millionaire.

“Don’t look for romance. Look for business”. This is one of the character's most popular phrases. Karen Kardashiansuccessful on Instagram, where he has more than 6 million followers.

The character created by actor Renato Shippeeis a rich influencer, married to a millionaire, ex-muggle and practically an internet guru.

A character that appeared as a joke on Renato's personal profilesoon took the internet by storm with her acidic and comical advice on how not to be deceived by men, and how to succeed in life by finding a millionaire to call yours.

Anyway, below we will learn a little more about the story of Karen Kardasha and her creator, and how she became an internet phenomenon.

Who is Karen Kardasha?

Who is Karen Kardasha?  Meet this character who is popular on Insta

Karen Kardasha is a cartoonish and very comical character who appeared on the internet in 2020, amid the pandemic. The character herself is a 25-year-old woman, rich, with an extravagant look and who is proud to say that she achieved everything in life by marrying a foreign millionaire..

So, this is the premise of character who quickly gained thousands of followers on social media, giving advice on how to also find a millionaire. Besides, of course, not being fooled by men she considers “shaved feet”, those who don’t have at least 7 figures in their bank account.

Karen Kardasha has been married to the foreign millionaire, also known as “sugar daddy”, Todd Kardasha for 5 years. The couple has two children, Lorenzo and another whose name she doesn't even remember.

The character's creator

A character in turn is the creation of actor and singer Renato Ferreira da Silva, known as Renato Shippee. The actor was born on November 29, 1988 in the city of Bauru, in the interior of São Paulo, where he lived for 26 years of his life, until moving to the United States, where he currently lives.

In addition to being an actor, singer, model, Renato Shippee has done many things in his life. He has a degree in pedagogy and was once a pastor, and currently lives off the character he created on the internet.

Just like the character, his time as a pastor also happened somewhat unpretentiously. “I started having some meetings with friends and, suddenly, several people came looking for me. They said they liked the way I explained passages from the Bible, which was easier to understand and started to be successful. Afterwards, I rented a place, which became a church”, said Renato in an interview.

He served as pastor for six years, until church employees decided not to continue his project. Therefore, Renato decided to move to the United States and try his hand at acting. In fact, it was then that his life changed forever, he met his husband Todd Shippee, participated in films and series, and even music videos, such as Havana, by singer Camila Cabello and of course, the idea of ​​Karen Kardasha came up.

How Karen Kardasha came about

The character Karen Kardasha appeared in Renato Shippee's life by chance.

Indeed, it all started in October 2020 in a joke on Renato's Instagram. He was answering some questions from his friends about how to stop being a muggle. In the stories, he was using a filter with a woman's makeup giving tips on how to win a rich husband.

The joke, in turn, was not well received by all of Renato's followers, as many people stopped following his profile after the joke. Therefore, Renato then created a new profile on Instagram, just for the character Karen Kardasha. In fact, the character's name is inspired by the Kardashians.

“I made a joke in stories, some people really liked it, but others not so much. I ended up losing a lot of followers the first day I played the game and as I had a lot of fun doing it, I decided, that same day, to create my own profile for her”, Renato told the R7 website.

As from the first days, he saw that this idea had great potential, soon Renato began to see a business emerging there. Therefore, he patented the name, bought a website domain, created the character's own filter, and of course, created a profile for Karen on all social networks. And thus the famous Karen Kardasha was born.

Karen's profile on Instagram currently has more than 6 million followers and almost 2 million on TikTok.

Controversies involving Karen Kardasha

Renato Shippee's character was recently involved in a controversy with the trans community, being accused of TransFake.

In fact, it all started when the funk singer Mc Trans took a stand in favor of real trans people, real women, who often lose space to drag queens who use female performance to be successful.

However, the case did not stop there. Antra, a trans entity, also took a stance on the issue. The entity raised the issue that drag queens need to be careful not to “enter into transfake territory”. Furthermore, he also said that the “hegemonic femininity” of these artists who perform drag could end up contributing to the dehumanization of real trans people.

Furthermore, other trans women added that these performances, like Karen Kardasha's, can hinder society's understanding of what it means to be trans and what it means to be drag.


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