Melhor hotel da América do Sul

The best hotel in South America: Hotel Unique, in São Paulo


Winner of the title of best hotel in South America, o hotel Unique, unconditionally seduces each guest or visitor. Designed by renowned architect Ruy Ohtakeit is a icon of the hotel industry in Brazil. The translation of luxury and sophistication. With the Preferred Hotels and Virtuoso seals, it has one of the most stunning swimming pools in São Paulo. Furthermore, it has an excellent restaurant and a trendy bar, with exceptional views! If you are looking for a hotel in São Paulo of the highest standard, the Unique It's your house!

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The best hotel in South America

Unique was opened in 2002, with interior decoration design by João Armentano. The building – an upward-facing half-moon – resembles a ship. It attracts attention from afar and therefore it is difficult to photograph it in its entirety. It's probably impossible to pass by the busy Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, in Jardim Paulista, between Paulista and Ibiraquera and not look at it.

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best hotel in South America
View of Unique

O Lobby

As soon as you enter the Unique lobby, through its imposing door, it is clear how the place lives up to its name. A huge, high-ceilinged room with a few rooms – and a bar at the back – sets the tone of elegance to the environment. The desire is to sprawl out on some of the sofas and look at the view through the large glass windows and/or the lobby decor itself.

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best hotel in South America
The lobby with high ceilings
best hotel in South America
Sofas and armchairs

The large vertical wall full of bottles and the library with stylish chairs and more than 300 books on design, architecture, art, fashion, music and photography already indicate that you haven't just entered a luxury hotel in São Paulo. You are in the best hotel in South America!

best hotel in South America
Plus the super sleek library

The charming reception is just to the right. Guests are welcomed with a glass of champagne, a gesture I love! In five minutes, therefore, you will already notice the hotel's exemplary service.

best hotel in South America
Nothing like being welcomed like this!

The Wall

The lobby bar, The Wall, is perfect for small, casual meetings or simply relaxing over a drink. It is open every day from 7am to 11pm. In other words, a good choice also for those who are jet lag.

best hotel in South America
Oh bar

The lamps called Flying Ringelpiez, suspended by just three thin wires, are another incredible work of art from the best hotel in South America. With indirect lighting, they create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere. They were designed by German designer Ingo Maurer. You'll certainly want to look up and admire them for a while, even more so after you've had a few drinks.

The rooms

Hotel Unique has 84 rooms and 10 deluxe suites. They are all comfortable, practical and luxurious. The decor is good clean and minimalist, with the predominant white color. Steel and wood are also present. In Premium rooms there is a division – a glass wall – between the bedroom part and the work area. The charming Nespresso coffee maker sits on the glass-topped table.

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best hotel in South America
The fourth
best hotel in South America

King size bed, coffee maker, wi fi, air conditioning, safe, plasma TV, stuffed minibar and amenities such as sandals and bathrobes are available to guests.

best hotel in South America
Room details, which certainly make all the difference

I also received several treats, such as perfume, a robe and sweets.

best hotel in South America
Treats are always welcome

The round window in the cabin, ooops, in the room, is unbeatable, in terms of originality and design and is activated by remote control.

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best hotel in South America
Unique's famous round window

The bathroom has a bathtub and products from the excellent Trussard brand.

best hotel in South America
The bathroom
best hotel in South America

Technology at your disposal

I found it sensational – and proof of how updated the best hotel in South America is – the smartphone on the bedside table, HANDY. In fact, the Unique It is the first hotel in Brazil to offer this service (I have already seen it in another hotel in São Paulo and in some outside of Brazil). With the telephone, guests have unlimited access to the internet, inside and outside the hotel. Additionally, they can also make free local/international calls. HANDY replaces the conventional room telephone and also works for calls within the hotel. Therefore, you can request services, and it also serves as a personalized guide, with tips on restaurants, tours, transport apps, etc.

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best hotel in South America
Super technology

In addition, there are JBL brand speakers, which can be accessed via USB or bluetooth.

best hotel in South America
Sound box

Or famous Bar Skye

Voted as one of the “50 Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants”, it really is a spectacle! In addition to the impressive view of São Paulo, the “red” pool is a landmark at Unique! Definitely a place you have to visit when you go to São Paulo, even if you don't stay at the hotel.

best hotel in South America
O rooftop do Unique

With great and original drinks (for example, there are mixtures of vodka and horseradish paste, or even the WR Ruby, with Bourbon Woodford Reserve, peach and red fruit purees and lemon juice). In addition, the menu has a variation of snacks (ranging from pizzas to sushi). And it is probably one of the most sophisticated and lively bars in the capital of São Paulo. Skye is inviting before or, preferably, after dinner, at the restaurant of the same name, which is next door.

best hotel in South America
Rooftop bomba

Access to the bar and restaurant is independent of the hotel entrance, via a panoramic elevator.

YMG Tip: from 9pm onwards, the DJ starts playing very danceable music and the atmosphere transforms into a club atmosphere. If you don't like it, go early.

best hotel in South America
The bar at night

The excellent Skye restaurant

The panoramic view of Ibirapuera Park and the skyline of Avenida Paulista are a must, but they are not the main reason to dine there. Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil presents contemporary cuisine, with typical Brazilian, French, Italian and Japanese dishes, revisited. Everything I tried was exceptional.

best hotel in South America
The restaurant environment
best hotel in South America 24
Dishes details
best hotel in South America 25
With chef Emanuel Bassoleil, certainly one of the most renowned in Brazil

Breakfast at the best hotel in South America is also served at Skye, à la carte. The complete cafe has fruits, baskets of assorted breads, yogurt, cakes with and without gluten, orange juices and other flavors, chef's shot, coffee, milk, jams, cold cuts, omelettes, etc.

best hotel in South America
Breakfast delight

Additionally, it is worth remembering that the cafe is open to non-guests. During the weekends it operates as a buffet, served from 7am to 11am. Certainly a great tip even for those who live in São Paulo.

A place that brings together tourists – families or couples – and business men and women. A restaurant that can be visited from morning to night, whether for a romantic date or even for a more formal meeting. Probably inspiring in every way and with exemplary service.

best hotel in South America
Great environment

The gym and spa

Just as everything is impeccable in the best hotel in South America, the fitness center follows the same line. It is located underground, with entry on the ground floor. It is a huge area, equipped with the best equipment, two indoor and air-conditioned swimming pools. In addition, there is a slide – super fun – and a sauna and steam room. You personal trainers are available to guests from 3pm to 10pm. Anyway, I loved it and even worked out during my stay!

best hotel in South America
Super modern gym
best hotel in South America
Covered pool

I also tried the spa, from the Caudalie brand, a pioneer in the use of grapes as a form of therapy. In fact, it is a suite transformed into a massage room. It is designed in wood, with two massage beds and an exclusive aroma, which already induces tranquility in the guest.

best hotel in South America
The spa can certainly improve!

The relaxing treatment – ​​Unique Sense – was great, but a hotel of this standard probably needs a more complete spa.

Hotel Pet Friendly

Unique, the best hotel in South America, is one of the most popular in São Paulo for events, especially weddings.

He is also a hotel Pet Friendly: dogs and cats weighing up to 8 kilos are welcome, for an additional fee of R$250. It includes a toilet mat in the room, bed and personalized bowls (to be used during the stay). Remembering that animals cannot circulate in common areas.

Preferred Hotels

Hotel Unique was the first property in South America to be part of the Legend Collectioncollection of ultra-luxe da Preferred Hotels, a largest independent luxury hotel brand in the world. Since its opening in 2002, Hotel Unique has established itself as an international architectural landmark and one of the top luxury hotels in South America. Therefore, nothing more natural for him to join others luxury hotels world-renowned hotels such as Baccarat Hotel (New York, USA), Montage Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, USA), The Beaumont Hotel (London, United Kingdom), Grand Hotel Tremezzo (Lake Como, Italy), NIZUC Resort & Spa (Cancun, Mexico) and The Upper House (Hong Kong).

Therefore, a complete hotel close to us! Lucky us!

Text and Photos by Renata Araújo

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