Park Hyatt Paris restaurant: Café Jeanne

Park Hyatt Paris restaurant: Café Jeanne


The Park Hyatt Place-Vendôme is a stunning, classic palace hotel in Paris. Like every five-star hotel, it takes gastronomy very seriously and has two fantastic restaurants: the starred Pur' and the more informal Café Jeanne, open from breakfast to dinner. I've been there for lunch twice and I always leave very satisfied. After all, the person in charge of the kitchen of both is the award-winning chef Jean-François Rouquette. Therefore, I will tell you in detail about my meal at the restaurant at the Park Hyatt Paris, this elegant hotel in a prime address in the French capital, together with my dear friend Dani Maia from the page @dmhluxury.

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The atmosphere of Café Jeanne

There are three different environments, just after you pass the hotel lobby. There is the dining room itself, a comfortable lounge as well as a pleasant terrace. The spaces are all extremely elegant with contemporary decor that alludes to old Parisian cafés. The large skylight in the middle lets in plenty of natural light. Meanwhile, the mirrored and golden bar in the background – a reminder of the neighborhood jewelry stores – draws attention and sets the scene for one of the most beautiful restaurants on the outskirts of Place Vêndome. All this, amid the renewed palatial architecture and lots of flowers in the decoration. In the comfortable armchairs you can have a coffee or drink before or after lunch or dinner. Therefore, a well thought out space that mixes bar and restaurant without losing elegance.

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Know more

The soul of a Parisian café

First of all, it is important to highlight that a “café” in France is completely different than in Brazil. Of course there is a variety of hot drinks, but it also offers a wide list of wines and other drinks. In addition to classic dishes, such as omelettes and salads, it can have a wider range of cuisine. In the case of Jeanne, it opens from 7 am to midnight and celebrates the most typical Parisian “art of living”. In other words, it is the scene of countless meetings throughout the day, both personal and work, between tourists and/or residents.

The origin of the name Jeanne

Before becoming a hotel, there was a haute couture atelier known as Haute Couture Designer Madame Paquin. However, her first name was Jeanne and that's where the affectionate tribute comes from.

The menu at the Park Hyatt Paris Restaurant

Chef Jean-François Rouquette's seasonal menu is practical and sophisticated at the same time. They are the same dishes from lunch to dinner as the restaurant is open all day. You can expect some revisited and very creative bistro dishes, such as marinated scallops, toast with black rice and salmon tartar and crayfish ravioli. Certainly the comfort food It's still there, and you can ask too croques monsieur and madame, steak tartar, club sandwich or caesar salad, between others. Therefore, a balanced but refined gastronomy, with outstanding creations. They are inspired by the chef's childhood, in the Aveyron region, in southwestern France, where his family had a café. Not to mention the elaborate desserts such as the formidable pear tart with almonds and the irresistible coffee sweet with chocolate and pistachio.

More experiences

This wasn't my first time at the extraordinary restaurant at the Park Hyatt Paris. In February 2019 I discovered Café Jeanne and was enchanted! This time, I even had the chance to meet the beloved chef Jean-François, who, incidentally, also participated in the La Liste awards dinner this year.

The winter chalet

This Christmas season, a cozy chalet was set up in the courtyard that resembles the French Alps. Guests and the general public can have a typical mountain experience as if they were outside of Paris. I got a taste of the atmosphere and loved it!

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Text and photos: Renata Araújo.