Where to eat well and cheaply in New York

Where to eat well and cheaply in New York

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A trip to New York is a gastronomic trip in essence. Yes, the city has a lot of cool things to see, but it is impossible to ignore that food is one of the main attractions there. Multicultural and innovative, the Big Apple offers cuisine from all over the world and then some, as gastronomic experimentalism also prevails there.

And if you think that only those who travel with money eat well and that those who love economy have to stick to fast food and street food… Well, you’re not completely wrong. But in the country of burgers and fries, that doesn’t mean you won’t have wonderful meals to remember later. On my trip to New York, I visited good and cheap places to satisfy my hunger.

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Amy’s Bread

Eating well and cheaply in New York - Amys Bread

Specializing in bread of all types, flavors and formats, Amy’s Bread also serves sandwiches, pizzas, quiches, cakes, cookies, juices and other bakery products. A small pizza costs $6 and a slice costs $3.50. A glass of natural orange juice costs $2.50. It is a practical and cheap option for those in a hurry. You can also buy bread rolls to make your own sandwich if you want to go on a picnic or keep it in your bag for later.


Hell’s Kitchen

672 Ninth Avenue (Entre 46th & 47th Streets)

Chelsea Market

75 Ninth Avenue (Entre 15th & 16th Streets)

The Village

250 Bleecker Street na Leroy Street

Shake Shack

Shake Shak - Cheap food in New York

Burgers are one of my favorite dishes, even more so when they come with fries and a milk shake. Maybe that’s why I liked Shake Shack so much. The two times I had lunch there, I ordered their vegetarian, which is wonderful. The burger is made with mushrooms and has melted cheese inside, which I’ll tell you about. My aunts, who ordered the beef, also approved and highly praised the seasoning of the meat. To accompany it, order the peanut butter milkshake and enjoy. A meal with fries at Shake Shake costs around $12.

Adresses: Shake Shack is a chain with branches in several cities in the United States. In New York there are more than 10 stores. However, I recommend a stop at Madison Square Park. In addition to being super charming and in the middle of a square, a great choice for hot days, it is also where the brand was born. They started with a permanent cart there and soon gained thousands of fans.

Esquina on Madison Square Park from Madison Ave. and E.23rd St.


Juniors - Where to eat in New York

Junior’s is very eclectic and has several things on the menu, from sandwiches to seafood, all at more than fair prices. However, the big star of the house is the cheesecake. My friend Allison, who lives in the city, introduced me to the place as “the best cheesecake in New York.” I haven’t tried all the cheesecakes in the city to say, but I believe her, because the stop is delicious. So good that there wasn’t even time to take a photo before we devoured the dessert. The most I’ll be able to show is our happy faces when we eat:

Juniors - Best Cheesecake in New York



386 Flatbush Avenue EXT

Grand Central Terminal

Restaurant: Food Court/Bakery: Near platform 36.

Times Square

West 45th St. entre Broadway e 8th Ave.

Magnolia Bakery

Where to eat well and cheaply in New York - Magnolia Bakery

This confectionery is already famous both among travel guides and blogs and among TV series fans. It’s just that Carrie, from Sex and the City, has already surrendered to the delicious sweets there. But Magnolia Bakery isn’t just a pretty face on the small screen: try the banana pudding (mini: $3.5 – large: $6.50) and you’ll understand that the lines that form at the door aren’t just for people with influence. This is not a place for lunch or dinner, but it can make a delicious breakfast or save the day when the craving for something sweet hits you. Check the menu for prices.



1000 Third Avenue

Grand Central Terminal

food court

Upper West Side

200 Columbus Avenue at 69th Street

Rockefeller Center

1240 Avenue of the Americas at 49th Street

Bleecker Street

401 Bleecker Street and W. 11th Street

44&X Hell’s Kitchen

Brunch em Nova York - 44&X
Good and cheap brunch in New York

This isn’t exactly a cheap place, but it could be a good option if you want to celebrate a special occasion or want to visit a nicer place in the city without breaking the bank. In my case, it was more or less this: it was Mother’s Day and my aunt’s birthday (who traveled with me). We chose to celebrate in a very New York way: with brunch.

The 44&X menu features classic American cuisine, such as scrambled eggs with bacon, but always with a special and unique touch. If you can’t even think about eating this type of food as a first meal, there are also lighter choices, like pancakes and yogurt with granola. The place is very quiet and well located (near Times Square) and the service is first class. The brunch cost $27 per person, including drinks. It is also open for lunch and dinner.


622 10th Av., corner of 44th St.


Smorgasburg - Brooklyn
Smorgasburg - Brooklyn

This tip is for those who enjoy street food and also a more alternative approach. We’ve already dedicated an entire post to Smorgasburg here. Visiting this fair, which takes place in Brooklyn on weekends, was one of the highlights of my trip. There you can find food from all over the world and various gastronomic experiments. You can have lunch for less than $10, but the feeling in the place is to try as many foods as you can.

Adresses: Saturdays East River State Park (90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St.)

Sundays Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5

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