Onde tomar sopas em São Paulo

Where to eat soups in São Paulo

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Winter has really arrived in São Paulo and, when the temperatures drop, everyone runs for a good soup to warm up the cold days. They are everywhere: restaurants, bakeries and even bars and cafes have created options especially for this time of year. There are also those who set up their buffets with different flavors and those who dare to create unusual combinations. See below 17 tips on where to eat soup in São Paulo until the end of winter:

Where to eat soups in São Paulo

Bar Charles Edward

Considered the precursor of the ‘Whiskey Club', the bar launches the unusual Whiskey Soup with Octopus, which also uses tuna in its recipe. Furthermore, it brings back to the menu two of the most requested options over the years: Goulash Soup – inspired by the traditional German recipe with pieces of meat and dark sauce, seasoned with onion and paprika – and Onion Soup – served under a crust of melted Emmental cheese.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Whiskey soup with powder

Address: Rua Miriti, s/n – Itaim Bibi

Paris bistro

In Villa San Pietro, hidden in the hustle and bustle of the Gardens, the Bistrot de Paris has been rethought in every detail to become an authentic French bistrot. Chef Alain Poletto signs the menu with French cuisine classics and serves Soupe à L'Oignon – Onion soup with puff pastry.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Onion soup

Address: Rua Augusta, 2542

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The traditional rotisserie Bologna is offering eight versions of soups this winter, served on delicate Japanese crockery, which can be consumed at any time. Among the options, Capeletti in Brodo, Chicken Soup, Onion Soup Gratin, Cream of Palm Heart, Vegetable Soup, Corn Cream, Champignon Cream and Pea Cream. There is also the option to take any flavor to go.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Capeletti in Broth

Address: Rua Augusta, 379 – Consolação

Minas Gerais Consulate

From Wednesday to Saturday, the restaurant with a Minas Gerais accent sets up a buffet at its Pinheiros unit from 7pm onwards with 12 options of soups and creams. Accompaniments include toast with garlic, bread, cheese, cracklings, sun-dried couscous and green scent. For dessert? Sweet white corn hominy with peanuts.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Soups and creams buffet

Address: Rua Cônego Eugênio Leite, 504 – Pinheiros

Felix Bistrot

At the charming Felix Bistrot, located in Granja Viana, you can order the Onion Soup “Gratin Lyonnaise” and the Soup of the Day – three flavors every day.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Onion soup

Address: Rua José Félix de Oliveira, nº 555 – Granja Viana, Cotia

Fine Grain

Itaim's functional bakery produces everything gluten-free and lactose-free. On its menu, two soup options: Pumpkin Soup with Ginger, Chia and Sesame and Beetroot Cream.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Beetroot cream

Address: Rua Pedroso Alvarenga, 672 – Itaim Bibi

Margot Bistrot

Chef Yasmine Bahiense, who runs the charming Margot Bistrot, launches creamy soups at her restaurant in Campo Belo. Among the recipes are: cassava with shredded rib and sprouts, corn with curd cheese and bacon and pumpkin soup served with a mix of mushrooms, herbs and notes of wasabi.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Corn soup with curd cheese and bacon

Address:R. Antônio de Macedo Soares, 1683 | Beautiful field

MoDi Gastronomy

Until September on the menu, the organic peach palm heart cream with pistachios is MoDi's bold creation for this winter – which also has several other dishes created especially for the season.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Organic peach palm heart cream with pistachios

Address: Rua Alagoas 475, Higienópolis

Octavio Café

Cream of fresh asparagus, mushrooms, pumpkin with shrimp ragu, onion with emmenthal and pear cream with gorgonzola are the highlights of the Octavio Café Soup Festival, which runs until the end of August. The menu is available at the Faria Lima and Eldorado units, every day, from 5 pm.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo

Addresses: Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 2996 – Jardim Paulistano/Av. Rebouças, 3970 – 1st Floor

São Lourenço Square

Winter has also arrived in the gardens with jabuticaba trees, mulberry trees and guava trees, a lake and a wood stove, where Praça São Lourenço is located. An oasis within São Paulo open to the public. The suggestion for the season is the perfect mushroom and egg broth – grilled mushrooms, fried bacon, concentrated mushroom broth, egg at 64 degrees and served with bread toast with garlic and parmesan.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Perfect mushroom and egg broth

Address: Rua Casa do Ator, 608, Vila Olímpia

Portuguese Ranch

The restaurant will offer a selection of soups throughout the winter, the star of which is an old one from Portuguese folklore: Sopa de Pedras. One of the legends about it says that, centuries ago, wanderers who only had water and stones among their belongings went door to door, asking for any type of food. With the vegetables and leftovers they received, they added them to stones and water and made soup. At Rancho, it is made with noble ingredients, such as red beans, pig ears, meat broth and special seasonings. The other soups at the festival are Caldo Verde with Portuguese Chorizo, Seafood Soup (with squid, octopus, monkfish and shrimp 48) and Asparagus Cream.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Warm Green

Address: Avenida dos Bandeirantes, 1051 – Vila Olímpia

Republic English Pub

The typical English pub in Vila Madalena features rich broths, which will be available until the end of September, from Wednesday to Saturday, from 6pm. Among this year's new offerings, the pub is betting on Mrs. Elai, a version of the classic “caldo verde”, made from cabbage, which accompanies toast and fried garlic.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Mrs. Eli

Address: Rua Delfina, 110 – Vila Madalena

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Holy Bread

The exquisite boulangerie located in Jardins added three soups to its menu: the traditional French onion soup accompanied with gruyére tartine, a delicate potato velouté with leek and mushrooms and the Brazilian cassava cream.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Potato velouté with leek and mushrooms

Address: Rua Padre João Manuel, 968 – Jardim Paulista

Terrace Italy

Until August 1st, the Terraço Itália Soup Festival takes place. From Sunday to Tuesday, from 6pm to 11pm, anyone who goes to the Piano Bar can enjoy, while enjoying live music, a menu of soups and creams that changes each day. Sunday is day of contemporary jazz with options such as ccarrot soup with orange and gingerasparagus and leek oops.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Cassava cream with cod chips

Me andMonday is packed with MPB classics and recipes like cpea ream with smoked sausage and fresh mint. Tuesday is to the sound of international hits and classic sambas, and suggestions such as cpumpkin, provolone and green onion.

Address: Av. Ipiranga, 344 – 41st floor | center

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Tasca do Zé and Maria

This little Portuguese corner in the Pinheiros neighborhood – with an intimate and charming atmosphere – focuses on tasty seafood soup, made with the freshest ingredients on the market, including shrimp, squid and octopus.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Seafood soup

Address: Rua dos Pinheiros, 434

Tea Connection

The house specializing in gourmet teas has options to warm you up this winter: the rich pumpkin soup with homemade bread and a touch of cream cheese and the spicy spinach soup, accompanied by toast with cream cheese and chives, are the stars of the season.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo
Spicy Spinach Soup

Address: Alameda Lorena, 1271 – Jardim Paulista

Via Castelli

Via Castelli launches its traditional buffet of soups and broths and every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, different recipes are offered from 6:30 pm to 11 pm. To accompany, Italian bread croutons seasoned with garlic, grated cheese, green chilli and oil. Options include green broth, cream of peas, onion soup, grain soup with vegetables, Minestrone and heart of palm cream.

Where to eat soups in São Paulo

Address: Rua Martinico Prado, 341 – Higienópolis

By Tamyris Roxo E., @boccanervosa

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