Where to eat in São Paulo

Where to eat in São Paulo

South America

After spending a few days in SPI want to dedicate this post to the capital of São Paulo, which offers a thousand leisure options for all tastes.

I'm 100% from Rio but I think the Rio X feud SP a mere joke. I LOVE going for walks SPI feel like I’m in the first world.

For those who haven't been there in a while or simply want to discover new places, here you go:

Peanut – sophisticated Brazilian Spanish cuisine in a relaxed place. The restaurant is very pleasant with a balcony, the food is delicious and the wine cellar is impressive. It's not cheap, but it's worth it.



Olea Mozzarella Bar– right next to Maní, on Rua Joaquim Antunes, opened last year. It offers tasty buffalo mozzarella and a variety of snacks and pizzas in a very charming environment.

Where to eat in SP

Holy Grain – located in charming Oscar Freire, opposite the chic Emiliano, this café, where they also serve dishes, could be in any European capital. Delicious hot and iced coffees, several drinks and a snack. People coming and going at any time of the day, reading magazines and newspapers, tweeting or browsing on laptops and iPads.

Where to eat in SP

Kosushi – one of the best Japanese restaurants. The one on Viradouro Street, in Itaim, is always full of young people arriving in their cars. At the entrance, a giant doorman, affectionately nicknamed Miudinho. The one at the Cidade Jardim shopping mall has less atmosphere, but the quality of the food is the same. For those who are fans of toro, be sure to order it.

Where to eat in SP


Football Museum – located at the Pacaembu stadium, the modern museum tells the story of the country's most popular sport using a lot of technology, several videos and memorable narrations. It's worth the visit, even if you're not a fanatic.

Football Museum

Football Museum

Museum of Portuguese Language – located in the historic Estação da Luz building, the view is unmissable. Very organized and well maintained, the museum offers a true lesson in our language with originality and using cutting-edge technology.

Portuguese Language Museum

Shopping Cidade Jardim – opened two years ago and inspired by Bal Harbour, in Miami, this high-end semi-open shopping mall brings together brands such as Daslu, Carlos Miele, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, but also stores such as Zara and Mercearia. Even if you're not in the shopping mood, it's worth making a window shoppingit is very pleasant to walk around, as well as having great restaurants, banks and a Reebok gym.

Shopping Cidade Jardim

Shoestock – unmissable mega shoe and bag store: two feminine fetishes. The quality isn't great, but the variety, design and price are worth it. Get ready to leave loaded.