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What’s Your Perfect Tea?


Anyone who follows Panelaterapia on Instagram (@Panelaterapia) knows how much I love Dr. Oetker’s teas! There are so many flavors, so many options that it's difficult to define my favorite, especially because I haven't managed to try them all yet (and I take it every day)!

With this in mind, Dr. Oetker launched the Facebook application “Perfect Tea”.

Guys, it's really cool! It's very simple, you enter the page, answer a few questions and based on the answers, the application suggests which line of Dr. Oetker teas best suits you. In my case, he nailed it!

For example: if you are more traditional, herbal tea works well; Now, if you are concerned about your health, there is nothing better than the line of Green, White and Red teas.

The line of teas also includes Flower and Fruit teas, Herbs with a Special Touch of Flavor, Romantic, Mixed (Doce Forma, Doce Carinho, Doce Sonhos, Doce Morhã and Doce Meal), Mate and Black.

This is my perfect tea! Find out which one is yours!

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