Como é voar com a Azul (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

What's it like to fly with Azul to Orlando in economy class?

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I always wanted to know What’s it like to fly with Azul to Orlando? or to any other international destination. I had already traveled with them on internal flights, but I was curious to know if the service would be maintained on longer flights. After a long time, I had the opportunity to go to Orlando flying Azul and in this post I tell details of my experience with the airline


Before reporting my experience and telling you what it’s like to fly with Azul to Orlando in economy class, I’ll talk a little about the check-in process. Although in site said that he would be released 24 hours before the flight, it was not possible to do it before. A statement appeared saying that check-in must be done in person. What the attendant told me was that as they need to check documents, check-in needs to be done at the counter. I think this must be because of the visa.

What it's like to fly with Azul (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

So far so good. What was really bad is that they didn’t offer the possibility of changing seats online. because they said the flight was full. I could only change seats if I wanted to pay R$250 to go in economy with extra space. Once at the counter, I asked the attendant to change my seat and he couldn’t either. He said the flight was full. Result: a lot of people I know had to sit in the middle of the middle row even with several free seats.

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On the return flight, some were able to book seats through the website. However, some people were not so lucky and even at the counter they were informed that they did not have a seat assigned and that they would have to wait 1 hour before boarding to find out where they would sit.

At least, they both managed to board and one of them was in Economy Xtra, which is a little more spacious.

Finally, I had a problem and I couldn’t enter my loyalty program number either on the way there or on the way back because, according to the attendant, my name on the ticket was complete and on the All blue, the company’s loyalty program, was with the first and last name. If I want to resolve this, I will need to call the company to try to recover this.


Having said all that, let’s finally talk about what it’s like to fly with Azul to Orlando. The outbound flight was between Campinas and Orlando and the return was between Orlando and Recife. The plane was very new, both on the way out and on the way back, and the model was a Airbus A330-200.


O check-in at Campinas airport it went well quietas well as the boarding. As the outbound flight was during the day (it left at 10:10 am), shortly after 11 am the meal was already served. lunch.

There were two options: minced meat with rice and potatoes or pasta with white saucein addition to bread, butter e salad. I chose carne and it was good. What really surprised me was the dessert: one super creamy quindim and really tasty.

What it's like to fly with Azul (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

To drink, the usual. There was coca e guarana, beer e wine. The only bad point is that there was only light orange juice or of cashew.

The flight attendants were extremely friendly. I found it a bit annoying because they distributed, in addition to the headphones, a plastic bag to store your cell phone. But both on the way there and on the way back, it ended very close to my row and no one came back to deliver more, meaning I was left without it.

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After lunch time, they passed the drinks again, which I thought was very good. Halfway through the flight, which lasted almost 9 hours, they stopped by with some of the snacks that they usually distribute on domestic flights. There were cookies and snacks. Then they served more water.

What it's like to fly with Azul (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

At the end of the flight, they distributed a baked pastry, cheese and crackers. He was great onboard service with many options throughout the flight.

The flight was not delayed at all and was very smooth.


Both on the outbound and return flight, the plane had the following composition: 2 seats at the ends and 4 seats in the middle. We had no problems accommodating our luggage.

What it's like to fly with Azul (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

The space is ok. Not too much, not too little. It’s similar to other companies. When we entered, there was already a pillow and also a blanket, which I found thicker than what we normally find. The plane was very cold.


There’s no way to tell you what it’s like to fly with Azul to Orlando without talking about the entertainment service from them.

A canvas era modern and touch screen. Havia many movies. Some national and many international and recently launched. Not to mention the classics, like A place called Notting Hillas in Julia Robertswhich is great for relaxing on a flight, right?

The entertainment system was the same on both the outbound and return flights. Unlike what happens on domestic flights, on international flights there is no live TV.

As we connected in Recife, we went from there to Guarulhos also flying Azul. The entertainment system was undergoing testing. Then, the touch was very bad. Furthermore, few channels were available live. Even with the real-time programming option, they make some films and TV shows available, just like on international flights, but in smaller quantities.

Flight to Orlando (Photo: This World is Ours)

Also on the internal flight, one point caught my attention. Upon boarding, An employee said that since I was only wearing a backpack, I should place it under the seat and not on top., as the flight was very full. I didn’t obey and noticed that there was a lot of space left in the luggage compartments even after everyone had boarded. I don’t think they should say that without first knowing whether or not there was space available.


The return flight was very similar to the outbound flight. But it was at night and the final destination was Recife. Although I was unable to check in via the website, I was able to change my seat.


Boarding and disembarking were also very smooth. The flight left at 10:20 pm and lasted around 7:30 am. Shortly after boarding, a to have lunch. The two options were mac and cheese or meat with vegetables and mashed potatoesin addition to bread, butter e salad. Dessert was a very strange pie.

The drinks were the same as on the way there: regular and zero Coca Cola, Fanta Guaraná, beer, wine, light orange juice and cashew juice, as well as water.

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Before landing, the breakfastcommon hot sandwich, apple, processed cheese and crackers.

The entertainment was the same as on the way out and the composition of the plane was also the same (2 seats at the ends and 4 in the middle).

After telling you what it’s like to fly with Azul to Orlando, I can say that I really enjoyed the experience. The service was very good, punctual and the flight attendants were extremely friendly from start to finish of the flight.

The only really negative point was the fact that I wasn’t able to choose a seat even at the counter and a lot of people were sitting in the middle. Other than that, everything was great.


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