Estilo preppy: o que é e quais são as características?

What is it and what are its characteristics?


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The preppy style, which originated in elite American preparatory educational institutions, is known for its classic and conservative appearance. Characterized by pieces such as blazers, khaki pants, pleated skirts, polo shirts and loafers, the preppy style reflects a sophisticated and refined look.

Despite having its roots in the educated elite of the East Coast of the United States, The preppy style has become a global trend, with brands and designers from around the world incorporating elements of this aesthetic into their collections.. Furthermore, the preppy style also gained prominence in films, TV series and music.

What is preppy style?

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The preppy style is characterized by its association with elite preparatory schools and universities in the United States. It emerged in the 1950s and reached its peak of popularity in the 1980s.

The style was mainly influenced by the culture of prestigious educational institutions, such as Ivy League universities, which includes names like Harvard, Yale and Princeton. The idea behind the preppy style, therefore, is to convey an image of upper class, refinement and education.

One of the The main influencers of the style were the American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose depictions of college life and the social elite in the 1920s helped popularize the aesthetic. Other contributing factors include sport, with the style incorporating elements of private school sports uniforms and outdoor activities undertaken by students.

As far as clothes are concerned, the preppy style is known for its classic and conservative appearance. Clothing is generally well-cut and high quality, with an emphasis on timeless and traditional pieces. Some key pieces include blazers, wool sweaters, button-down shirts, pleated skirts, khaki pants, polo dresses, cardigans, loafers, and boat shoes.

Preppy style: what is it and what are its characteristics?
Reproduction: Gossip Girl

Additionally, typical preppy style colors tend to be neutrals and pastels, such as navy blue, white, khaki, pastel green and light pink. Classic prints such as stripes, checks, argyle and nautical motifs are also common. Accessories play an important role in finishing the preppy look, including scarves, canvas belts, aviator sunglasses and structured leather bags.

That said, the preppy style is an expression of classic and conservative elegance, inspired by the culture of elite educational institutions and influenced by sport and outdoor life. Her clothes are well cut, high quality and incorporate traditional elements, with a neutral and pastel color palette and refined accessories to complete the look.

What are the characteristics of the preppy style?

The preppy style, which originated in the 1950s and 1960s among students at Ivy League universities in the United States, is known for its classic and conservative aesthetic. One of its peculiar characteristics is the emphasis on a tidy and polished appearance, with well-cut, high-quality pieces.

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Traditional preppy style colors are generally neutrals such as navy blue, white, cream and pastel tones, although they can also include more vibrant colors such as pale pink and teal. Classic prints like plaids, stripes and argyle are common, as are refined accessories like silk scarves, leather belts and sailing shoes. O preppy style brings an image of discreet and very timeless eleganceoften associated with country club culture and the nautical lifestyle.

Furthermore, The preppy style is characterized by a relaxed and casual approach, even on more formal occasions. The clothes are well-fitting yet comfortable, reflecting a balance between sophistication and functionality. The materials tend to be of high quality, such as cotton, wool, cashmere and genuine leather, reinforcing the idea of ​​durability and tradition.

Overall, the preppy style conveys a sense of effortless class and refinementincorporating elements of traditional American clothing with a touch of modern sophistication.

Tips on how to wear the preppy style

The preppy style is known for its classic and elegant appearance, inspired by the clothes worn by American prep school elites. To adopt this style, start by investing in key pieces, such as polo shirts, cashmere sweaters, chinos and well-cut blazers. It is also important to opt for solid and neutral colors, such as navy blue, white, olive green and khaki, and avoid very flashy prints.

In addition to clothes, accessories play an important role in preppy style. Go for leather belts, moccasins or boat shoes, bow ties and classic watches. Silk or cotton scarves can add a touch of sophistication to your look, especially when worn tied around the neck or wrist.

Preppy style: what is it and what are its characteristics?
Reproduction: Gossip Girl

Finally, to complete the preppy look, pay attention to the details and quality of the pieces. Choose natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and leather, and choose well-made items that will stand the test of time. With these tips, you'll be ready to incorporate the preppy style into your wardrobe with elegance and charm.

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