What happens if you put vinegar on your nails?

What happens if you put vinegar on your nails?


What happens if you put vinegar on your nails? You will GO CRAZY when you discover the advantages of this simple and cheap trick for your nail polish:

Vinegar is a very common seasoning around the world, but its uses are not restricted to salads. It is great for replacing common cleaning products, it helps to keep the stove shining and to soften clothes. But did you know that vinegar on your nails is also great?

Many people out there are impressed by the thought of putting vinegar on their nails, but the truth is that this could be the trick that will change the way you do your nails forever. Want to know why?

Anyone who knows about manicures out there guarantees that vinegar on nails is capable of making nail polish last much longer, even preserving its shine. Can you believe?


How to use vinegar on your nails

Best of all, the trick is very simple. To stop the nail polish from peeling off overnight and keep your nails looking beautiful for longer, simply apply a little vinegar to your nails with a little cotton wool. Prefer white vinegar and use it pure, before starting painting.


Next, you should do as you normally do, applying a base coat and then the nail polish. Remember to always apply thin layers, which also helps the nail polish to last longer.


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Source: Bolsa de Mulher