Frizz nas madeixas? Aprenda como acabar com os fios arrepiados!

What causes and how to get rid of frizzy hair?


What causes frizz in hair? Understand how to disguise it and how to get rid of the frizzy hairs that drive many women crazy!

Whoever has never woken up and found thousands of little strands standing on end in their hair should cast the first stone. Basically, the much-feared frizz can drive any woman seriously. Especially if he shows up on a day of appointments.

These rebellious strands are more present in damaged hair with open scales. Therefore, frizz appears as the hair structure loses nutrients and vitamins. This way, the thread becomes more opaque, porous, brittle and frizzy.

Frizz in your locks?  Learn how to get rid of frizzy hair!
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In this sense, it is important to know how to deal with highlights in this situation. And of course, there are several ways to disguise these inconvenient wires. However, it is essential to first understand what its causes are, and ways to put an end to the problem once and for all.

What causes frizz?

Basically, the main causes of frizz come from a set of bad habits, which harm hair health. Wash your hair with hot water, wring it out with a towel, use hair dryers and straighteners too often and/or incorrectly.

As well as, excessive chemical procedures, weather conditions and even a lack of melanin, can be the main reasons for hairs rebelling against you.

Frizz in your locks?  Learn how to get rid of frizzy hair!
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In fact, they may appear more frequently in curly hair. This is because, as the strands are curled, the natural oil from the scalp may not reach the entire length of the hair. Therefore, if they are not properly hydrated, frizz will be quite evident.

However, frizzy hair is also very common in straight locks that do not receive proper care. And indeed, in this case, they seem more difficult to disguise.

How to get rid of flyaways?

To get rid of inconvenient hair, you first need to change the old habits that caused them. Therefore, it is important to wash your hair in warm or cold water, every other day. It’s also important to use shampoos and conditioners for your hair type.

Frizz in your locks?  Learn how to get rid of frizzy hair!

Furthermore, it is essential that you moisturize your hair weekly, or with similar frequency. This way, you will keep them nourished, and consequently without goosebumps.

However, if the hairs are very damaged, it will be necessary to invest in procedures such as cauterization. Basically, the function of this treatment is to replace the keratin and rebuild the locks.

Homemade hydration to combat Frizz

Of course, not everyone can go to the salon frequently. But, that doesn’t mean that your hair needs to be left without the necessary care. In this sense, homemade hydration can save you.

However, before starting the procedure, you must first clean your scalp with mint juice. To do this, blend 200 ml of mineral water and a quantity of mint leaves in a blender. Then, apply the liquid with a cotton pad, massaging your head.

Frizz in your locks?  Learn how to get rid of frizzy hair!
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Then it will be necessary 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 tablespoon of orange honey and 2 tablespoons of avocado. And then mix all the ingredients and apply to the hair.

Let it rest for 15 minutes, and remove the mask. Finally, pour a glass of coconut water to seal the hair scales.

How to disguise frizz?

Well, now that you understand its causes, and learned how to get rid of frizz, it’s time to memorize some tricks for everyday life. This is because, unfortunately, your hair can rebel again. Therefore, it is worth using a little flexibility.

Basically, if you are out and about in the middle of the day, or even at a party; Always have some moisturizing serum or hair wax with you.

This way, you will be able to disguise the strands immediately after applying a small amount to your hands and rubbing them to warm up the product. Then, just apply them to your hair.

Additionally, silicone-based products are also great for emergencies.

Frizz in your locks?  Learn how to get rid of frizzy hair!
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However, if frizz appeared before you left the house, there are other measures that can solve the problem. In this case, if the locks are curly, the ideal is to use a good curling iron on damp hair. And, to help define the curvature, preferably, dry your strands with a paper towel.

For fine, straight hair, spray options are the most recommended. On the other hand, natural oils such as argan or coconut are perfect for thicker hair.

Finally, a great tip: when combing your locks, always prefer wooden combs and brushes. Because they cause less static than other materials, such as plastic, for example.

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