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Washing clothes with vinegar: what are the benefits?


Did you know that it removes cat hair from clothes, serves as a softener and eliminates stains? Discover other incredible advantages of washing clothes with vinegar:

If you’re tired of spending tons of money to buy cleaning products for your clothes, believe me, a simple ingredient that everyone has in the kitchen can change your life. Or didn’t you know that washing clothes with vinegar can be amazing?

Although it seems a bit strange, vinegar has proven to be people’s best friend when it comes to deep cleaning, as you’ve seen here. Therefore, as could be no exception, washing clothes with vinegar is a cheap solution and solves a lot of “problems” you may have.

So, to give you an idea of ​​how positive washing clothes with vinegar is, this product is capable of leaving clothes as soft as if you had used fabric softener. Could you imagine that?

Furthermore, washing clothes with vinegar helps you remove sweat and deodorant stains from clothes, eliminate cigarette smells, loosen pet hair, and so on. Interesting, right? All this and much more can be found in the list below.

Check out 9 advantages of washing clothes with vinegar:

1. Softener

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Firstly, if you wash clothes with vinegar you will never have to use fabric softener again, you know? Basically, the advantage is that the effect is softer and does not harm the environment, in addition to being much cheaper.

2. Removes sweat stains

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Do you know what another advantage of washing clothes with vinegar is? It also helps eliminate sweat and deodorant stains from clothes. Plus, your white clothes will look especially amazing.

3. Eliminates waste

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Did you know that your washing powder can leave residue on your clothes after washing? For some people this is not important at all, but for those with sensitive skin it can be a problem and can even cause irritation and allergies. To nip the problem in the bud, just add a glass of vinegar while washing your clothes.

4. Eliminates cigarette smell

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It seems impossible, since vinegar doesn’t smell very good in the bottle, but it helps eliminate cigarette odors from clothes, you know? In this sense, during the washing process, the vinegar odor is released and, on the items, only the benefits of the product are left behind.

5. Eliminates stubborn stains

washing clothes with vinegar
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Did the clothes get stained? Leave the damaged piece to soak in hot water and add half a glass of vinegar. In this sense, the clothes need to be left in the mixture overnight and then just washed normally.

However, if you need to eliminate the stain in less time, simply spray undiluted vinegar directly onto the stain. Then just rub it to remove the stain completely.

6. Removes pet hair from clothes

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Another advantage of washing clothes with vinegar is that it helps remove animal hair from clothes. The product makes them come off easily after the piece dries.

7. Reduces static charge

washing clothes with vinegar
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First of all, have you noticed that some fabrics create a static charge after washing? When you wash clothes with vinegar, the product leaves the items softer and helps to reduce this effect.

8. Cleans underwear

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Although they are delicate, underwear and swimwear need a “little help” to stay completely clean. Because of this, you can add 6 tablespoons of vinegar to a bucket of washing powder and let your items soak for 30 minutes. Then wash normally.

9. Clean the washing machine

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Also, have you tried cleaning the inside of the washing machine? If it is white, for example, cleaning is almost never efficient and there will always be a little stain. However, if you use vinegar to clean the inside of your machine the results will be fantastic, almost as fantastic as this other method, using powdered juice.

But these aren’t the only advantages of using vinegar for cleaning, you know? So, also check out these articles: How to clean stove parts stuck with oil and How to remove stains from the bathroom shower?

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