VIP tour at Morumbi Stadium

VIP tour at Morumbi Stadium

South America

Anyone can visit the Morumbi stadium. Just book a tour, pay a fee of R$30 (R$15 half way) and show up on the scheduled day and time. Football lovers, tourists in general, onlookers and fans (or not) of São Paulo FC are guided on a 90-minute tour of the viewpoint, grandstands, a memorial to the home team, a grandstand and the press room . What's more, the visitors can also show off all their sporting talent by trying to score a goal on a training pitch that is close to the São Paulo locker room (needless to say, I kicked loooong, right?).

After seeing where the players gather before the most exciting 90 minutes of the Brazilian fan's week, the guide takes the group through the field access tunnel, takes a walk around the pitch and ends the visit by taking photos next to the bench.


And that. Everyone can take a tour of the Morumbi Stadium. What not everyone can do is take a tour of the Morumbi Stadium with former player Raí as a guide.


Who better to tell us everything about the stadium than someone who built his career playing there? This new, more than special form of the Tour is offered to members of Le Club, Accor Hotéis' loyalty program. It is part of the program's staff's commitment to offering members experiences that money can't buy, in addition to, of course, offering discounts, advantages when booking the chain's hotels, tickets and other exclusive products.


Raí is friendly. He talked to everyone, answered questions, told stories and even kicked a ball with the boys. After the tour, he participated in a Happy Hour offered for bloggers and promised to stop by 360meridianos (hey, Raí, if you ever keep your promise, don't forget to leave a comment!).

If you are not a member of Le Club and want to take the standard tour, click here.

360meridianos participated in the VIP Tour in Morumbi at the invitation of Le Club Accor Hotéis.

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