Velatherapy - Fire Treatment for Split Ends

Velatherapy – Fire Treatment for Split Ends


Velatherapy is a treatment to remove split and dry ends from the hair, which consists of burning the ends of the hair, strand by strand, using the flame of a candle.

This treatment can be carried out every 3 months, but should only be done in the salon by an experienced hairdresser or qualified professional, as it is a treatment that uses fire, which can be dangerous when done otherwise.

How Velatherapy is done

Velotherapy is carried out by the hairdresser as follows:

1st Step: First, with the hair dry, the hairdresser starts by separating different strands of hair, curling them so that the split ends are on the outside, more visible. This process is done throughout the hair.

Step: Then, stretching each strand well, the hairdresser uses a candle to burn the spiky ends, making quick movements with the candle flame along the length of each strand;

Illustrative image number 1

3rd Step: After the ends have been burnt, the hairdresser checks with her fingers to make sure there are no split ends left, then moving on to the hair straightener. Embroidery of the hair. Embroidery is a technique used afterwards, which consists of cutting the burnt ends, ensuring a better result and complete elimination of damaged ends.

4th Step: The professional finishes the entire process by unwinding all the hair and applying creams or carrying out other treatments to hydrate and add shine to the strands.

The results of Velaterapia can be seen right at the end of the treatment, however sometimes it can happen that some split ends remain after washing your hair. This treatment can be done in hairdressing salons or in-house and the price can vary between 300 and 500 reais.

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Velaterapia is a treatment that is especially recommended for those with fine, weak and brittle hair, as it helps to make the hair fuller and appear shinier and healthier. Furthermore, if you have thin, brittle hair that doesn’t grow much, check out these tips that help your hair grow in 7 tips for hair to grow faster.

Furthermore, opt for a diet rich in nutrients for beautiful, strong and silky hair. See how to prepare a hair vitamin by watching this video: