Velashape: Conheça e entenda como funciona

Velashape what it is, what it is for, contraindications and benefits


Revolutionizing the way of treating cellulite and unwanted fat, find out more about how Velashape works and how to treat it.

Something that bothers not only women, but also some men, is the presence of cellulite, sagging and localized fat on the body. There are several treatments for this type of problem, and one of them is Velashape. It is a treatment that emerged recently, and has shown promise since then.

It is an aesthetic device that is used to combat sagging, localized fat and cellulite. A combination of four technologies encompass the production of Velashape: Infrared, radiofrequency, endermology and mechanical massage. It is intended to be used in specific areas of the body at a time. Some parts are used more than others, such as: thighs, sides, glutes and abdomen.

6 sessions are recommended initially, 1 every two weeks. After this period, monthly maintenance is recommended. Each session should last an average of 20 to 30 minutes.

Velashape: Get to know and understand how it works
Image: Candela Medical

There are two more variations, Velashape II and Velashape III. Which are alternative versions of the original, with more advanced technologies and faster results.

A good reminder is that the device works on grade one, two and three cellulite. Beyond this level, other treatments will be necessary.


Pregnant women cannot use the product, people with heart problems and/or circulatory diseases should consult a cardiologist or angiologist for risk-free use.

Postpartum women can use it once they receive medical clearance.

Benefits of Velashape and how it works

After undergoing a medical evaluation and starting treatment, there may still be no visible differences. This is due to a set of factors. If you have not changed your eating habits or exercised regularly, the treatment will not result in the desired effect. After all, everything is part of a set, they are complements that meet each other.

Velashape: Get to know and understand how it works
Image: Derma Corpus Clinic

Some of the benefits of undergoing this treatment include reducing the volume of the hips. Since it empties fat cells, eliminating existing toxins.

In cellulite, it causes the vessels in this region to be activated, causing an increase in circulation in the region. Furthermore, it dilutes molecules and increases collagen formation in the skin. In other words, up to 70% of cellulite can be eliminated.

Velashape is nothing more than a different machine. It sucks and increases circulation through bearings. Thus emptying the fat nodules. Then, the vacuum increases blood circulation, accelerating metabolism, causing the body to burn more calories.

After that, radio frequency comes in. Through waves, it heats the specific region of the skin, stimulating natural collagen production. By doing this, the skin becomes less flaccid and smoother.

Value and number of sessions required

Velashape: Get to know and understand how it works
Image: Candela Medical

Always be wary of very friendly prices, as it is a serious treatment. Check whether the clinic has a good reputation, always looking for good references. All this, so that your body is not harmed and suffers greater damage. In case of an adverse reaction, even if mild, after the first session, contact the clinic and seek medical help quickly.

The number of sessions will vary individually. But the recommended minimum is 8 sessions, less than that and results will not appear. It will vary according to the patient’s needs. On average, it takes 8 to 12 sessions for the treatment to have the desired effect.

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Featured image: Derma Corpus Clinic.