Três ideias de presente de dia dos namorados.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for those who love decoration: 18 creative ideas, cheap and easy to make

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The Valentine's Day is coming and with it comes the question: what to give as a gift? If your loved one likes decorative items, you need to read this article until the end. This is because we have separated a series of Valentine's Day gift ideas for those who love decoration!

There are 18 gift ideas with more than 30 inspirations for you to copy. In addition, there are also videos teaching how to make several models!

What to give as a gift on Creative Valentine's Day?

The Valentine's Day is celebrated for celebration of love and union, for this, creative gifts are ideal to symbolize the date and translate the affection you feel.

1. A game of crockery

For starters, a well-decorated and beautiful crockery game is a great gift option for those who love decoration.

jogo de louça branco estampado
Set Snatch Dragonfly 3 Pieces

2. Portraits

Nowadays it is much more difficult to find those who do not like to take pictures, right? After all, good times deserve to be recorded. So how about not leaving them exposed in small picture carriers? I bet whoever wins such a one will love putting it as home office decoration.

Quatro fotos.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

Another option is to turn that bland wall into a true temple of good memories. To give personality, invest in different frames and leave the photos in the same style. For example, in this case, in addition to all photos being black and white, they were grouped by segments.

Parede com fotos.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

Finally, of course, it could not miss the famous photo clothesline. However, in a modernized version. As a result, the dining room can be decorated with both the flowers of the first Valentine's Day gift option for those who love decoration and with a decoration with photos.

Fotos na cozinha.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

3. Door books

Besides giving books, how about a fun support to put on the shelf?

suporte para livro preto com tema senhor dos anéis
Support The Rings' Dream Book trimmer

4. Funko Pop

For lovers of series and movies, Funko Pop dolls are really cool and fun to collect.

boneco funko eleven série stranger things
Stranger Things – Eleven

5.Flowers and Flower

First of all, the traditional flowers. But to escape the obvious that such an increase this bouquet by adding some things? For example, if the person present likes chocolate, bet on some bars or chocolates. Also, do not forget that the packaging counts a lot, okay?

To bring that special touch to your gift, we made a super special with Love Phrases: the 80 most beautiful messages to share.

Buquê vermelho e preto.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

And speaking of packaging, we brought a minimalist idea, but that will decorate your home for much longer than flowers. The dry branches served as a heart-shaped frame for the bouquet. As a result this Valentine's Day gift for those who love decoration will be perfect to decorate a vase or be placed on the wall.

Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

Finally, don't hold the roses. After all, Brazil is rich in flower varieties that can serve as a gift and to decorate the house. In this case, the chosen one was a sunflower. In addition, there is one detail that deserves to be highlighted: the paper of packaging. Did you see that it is made of newspapers?

Buquê de girassol.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest
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7. Diffuser

To differentiate I presented with a diffuser. Together, buy essential oils, cad one has a specific soothing property.

difusor de madeira marrom claro
Humidifier Air Diffuser Ultrasonic Electric Purifier 130ml Aroma Air and Ambient Potentieous 7 colors LED Essential Oil Diffuser – $9.99

8. Decorative panels

Secondly, we brought the decorative paintings. In it you can eternalize some phrase or drawing that represents the couple. A tip is to follow the new trend in bedroom or living room decoration, which are the integrated frames. Basically it is a combination of several pieces that form a single image or idea.


Quadros de presente de dia dos namorados.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

On the other hand, if you want this Valentine's Day gift to be a simpler souvenir to put on the study table or on the corner table, a single piece is the best option. A practical and easy version to do alone is to print on a thicker role the most important dates for the couple. Finally, just choose the frame.

Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

To build personalized ideas, it is worth betting on arts that can be done by mobile, for example. One application that is also website and can be used with ease is Canva. In the end, just have print and frame the way you think best!

Lack of creativity for poses? See also: 71 photo ideas Tumblr of couple to record their love. Or the 60 best captions for tumblr of couple photos.

Quadro com fotos para presente de dia dos namorados..
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest


In the cold winter, which is the time when Valentine's Day is celebrated in Brazil, nothing better than articles that leave the house warmer. Therefore, aromatic candles become excellent options to present in this season. In addition, the smell will make the environment much more cozy and characteristic.

Três velas.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

On the other hand, if you enjoy creative gifts and know that the beloved or loved loves a decoration, invest in molded candles. You want a tip? Those who like succulents or a decoration with cacti will certainly love these mini candles in different cactus shapes. In addition, even when they are erased they will give the feeling that they have a natural touch in the environment.

Formato de cactos.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

Finally, to give sophistication to the gift of Valentine's Day, it is possible to increase with other items that have the same smell. For example, a liquid soap, an essential oil or even a moisturizer with the same essence.

Ki para presente de dia dos namorados.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

10. Jeweler

In the past, this was a gift exclusive to women. Nowadays, several men now have a significant variety of watches, rings, bracelets and chains. As a result, this gift has become unisex. And to give an extra charm and make the item even more exclusive, bet on customization.

Caixa escrito Laura.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

On the other hand, this option is minimalist and squanders elegance. As a result, searching for the item that best matches the look is much easier with all the visible pieces. In addition, this gift is ideal for decorating the dressing table, dresser or bedside table.

Porta joia minimalista.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

Finally, we brought an idea for those who have many jewels or bijus and who travel frequently. This suitcase has several partitions, which allows the organization of space. In addition, the outside can also be customized as the first example.

Maleta de presente de dia dos namorados.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

11. Armchairs

For those who like to read, nothing better than a comfortable and quiet corner for this. Therefore, you can present on this Valentine's Day with an ultra comfortable armchair to increase the reading corner.

Poltrona verde.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

On the other hand, for those who love a game, the famous gamer chair is the dream of consumption. Because it is very large and generally have more than one color, the ideal is to invest in an option that combines with the rest of the decor. Thus, the environment will be harmonious and less visually charged.

Cadeira para presente de dia dos namorados.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

Finally, in a time of home office, having a comfortable place to work for hours has become indispensable. Therefore, an excellent idea to gift on this Valentine's Day who loves decoration, is an office chair.

Cadeira rosa.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

12. Luminaires

For those who want to give a different gift, you can bet on design and lighting articles. For this, Yamamura separated some luminaries.

Dois tipos de luminárias.
Photo by Emerson Rodrigues

In addition, this is an excellent option regardless of style and taste.

Mesa de cabeceira com luminária moderna.
Photo by Emerson Rodrigues

Yamamura has 50 years of experience and a portfolio that includes complete lighting solutions, both decorative and technical. See more models:

Produtos da Yamamura.
Source: Yamamura Disclosure

13. Gift baskets for Valentine's Day for those who love decoration

We also try ideas of gift baskets but with a differential: with articles that can also be used in the decoration of the house. Examples of drinks and breakfast baskets!

Drink basket

Is it over 18 and loves a beer? Then bet on a basket of drinks. But, do not forget that the purpose here is the gift contains some item of decoration. In this case, for example, there is the custom bucket and also a wooden box. This can be placed in the bar at home.

Cesta para presente de dia dos namorados.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

And of course, it is always good to have a little girl to accompany. Therefore, it is worth betting on small appetizers to accompany the basket. In addition, a super creative way to leave the basket with the couple's face is to put a small photo pole in.

Caixa com fotos.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

Breakfast basket

The breakfast basket is one of the most requested gifts for Valentine's Day. However, few people know the importance of containing an item that is stored and used in the decoration later. After all, when all the food is over, you have to have some memory. One of the tips is to invest in the basket itself.

Cesta como presente de dia dos namorados.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

Finally, how about ending breakfast with a little box that can also be used as a jewellery? This two-in-one option is a charm, isn’t it? Besides, did you notice the cloth napkins with phrases and a special date of the couple?

Cesta e caixa.
Source: Reproduction / Pinterest

14. Makeup buck

To be creative we have separated a makeup bouquet tutorial, check out:

Tutorial bouquet makeup

  1. Separate the materials For assembly you need: EVA, crepe paper, satin ribbon, artificial flowers, hot glue, paper stealth color and makeup products.itens necessários para montar um buque de maquiagem
  2. Glue the tips of EVA Join the upper ends of the EVA to form a cone.tutorial buque de maquiagem
  3. Glue with hot glue After arriving in cone shape, cole with hot glue.colando pontas de EVA com cola quente
  4. Put on Crepe Paper To give volume and support to the products put crepe paper inside the bouquet.buque com papel crepom
  5. Put paper stealth color Then fill the inside with a paper stealth color.buque com papel furta cor
  6. Put the products Fill in the bouque with the makeup products.buque de maquiagem
  7. Decorate with flowers
  8. Finish with a no loop

15. Box explosion

Another personalized gift option is the explosion box, which can be decorated with sweets.

16. Special card

Escape the basics and assemble a special card for Valentine's Day.

17. Heart of chocolate

18. Film Roll

Tell the story of the couple in a gift with a card in the form of a roll of film.


If your boyfriend or girlfriend needs a touch to decorate the house, now you know what to give. Therefore, make your order today so that your gift arrives in time for the Day of Valentines.

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