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Nails are one of women’s greatest passions and, let’s face it, there is no shortage of new things in this beauty segment, there are new colors, techniques and shapes, in short…you can’t help but feel dizzy with so many options.

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And a new fashion is taking over social media, Ballerina Nails.

As the name suggests, it is a shape inspired by women’s sneakers. ballerinasthe model is becoming the new favorite among nail lovers, as it lengthens and makes hands more feminine.

And if you don’t know it yet, prepare your heart, you will definitely be another victim. So, are you ready to fall in love?

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Trend: Ballerina Nails

Ballerina nails are still little known in Brazil, but abroad they have already won over fashionistas and promise to gain space next season. Get ready for it!

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To understand better, the nails are tapered at the corners (looking like a stiletto), but the tip is square, just like that moment when the ballerina stands on the tips of her toes, tapering at the sides, with a square top, as shown in the photo below .

ballerina on tiptoe

Therefore, if you thought a lot before deciding on the nail polish color, now you will need to think a little more to decide which format to choose, knowing, however, that the ballerina format is super popular and has everything it needs to be successful. here too.

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Ballerina Nails

It’s worth knowing that this nail shape, despite being beautiful and super feminine, can break more easily.

Ballerina style nails

But that’s no excuse for not sticking to the shape, as there are gel options, so if your nails are still too short to create a ballerina shape, or even if they’re weak or break easily, maybe turn to false nails. be the best option, with several brands already on the market, for all tastes and budgets.

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Model of false nails in the Ballerina style
The coolest thing is that this format allows you to use all nail polish colors, as well as different types of decoration.

Ballerina nails
As already mentioned, the Ballerina nail works best for long and strong nails, as well as acrylic nails, because the sides are tapered, which ends up taking away the nail’s natural support and strength, making it easier to break.

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Photo of pink Ballerina Nails with black only daughter
It is impossible not to fall in love!

Ballerina nails in pink

Note that any color, no matter how basic or discreet it may be, ends up gaining a special highlight due to the shape of this nail.

Photo the Ballerina Nails

Of course, as with other nail shapes, the chosen decoration, as well as the color, will give the nail an extra charm, and it’s worth letting your imagination go wild, appealing to more traditional colors – such as white and nude (skin color). ) – even those designed or with rhinestones, all without losing the femininity, typical of a ballerina.

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Ballerina Nails in navy blue

So, what did you think of ballerina nails?