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 Travel can endure all your problems. You can relax and relax. You should not bear all the working pressure that you are experiencing in the office. There are no deadlines and no quotas. All you need to do is enjoy and have the greatest time in your life. If you also want to experience such freedom and a carefree vacation, go to India. While you are there, you must go on a train ride to India.

There are many types of transport. Often, taking a bus is the most common way to explore India and other tourist destinations. On the other hand, taking a taxi is expensive. But if you want to get to know India, this is a completely new way, you have to get on the train

You see, the railway network of India is very commendable. Many cities in India are connected by railways, and you too can have access to them. If you want to get to the inner suburbs of India, the train is the most beautiful form of transport. Some airways can not get to some Indian cities, but if you know your way, you can find train stations so you can take the train.

Trains in India are among the best in the world. You can expect luxurious service on board. Some of the popular trains in India are: Palace in the Wheels, Fairy Queen, Royal East, Dean of Odyssey and Kalka Shimla. Trains cover different destinations, so first you need to determine the exact place that you want to visit. Thus, you will not spend money by taking the wrong train. The stations have friendly staff, and you can show you the right way.

What can you expect from various train trips? In India there are several large cities that visit thousands of tourists every year. You see, people in India respect all kinds of religions, and you can also find different shrines of all these religions. Some of the famous religions in India are Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and Jews. It is believed that the gods live in the Charhama-Himalayas along with the Goddesses. Pilgrimage centers can be found in central India, in the north, south, east and west; as well as Hindu faith and worship.

A popular site that you can visit to check out the trip to India is you can order various train packages on this site, including western India, the Golden Triangle, northern India, the Nepal train, southern India and the famous palace in the wheels.

 The train ride is even cheaper than air transportation. Despite the fact that the planes are much faster, many people still prefer to travel by train, as this is economically profitable. At the same time, you can still count on a luxurious trip on board. Choose a train operator carefully, because you will never know what will happen. The operator should have a good reputation and did not have serious complaints about customer complaints.

If you want to visit other sites on the Internet, you can do it with ease. Be sure to check out the train packages that they offer, and compare the packages to each other. By doing this, you can evaluate which company offers the best package at the lowest price. Search now and enjoy your trip to India. Now you can get to remote places, taking advantage of train trips to India.

Center of Culture of India

Kolkota is a city for those who love art. They are the bosars of many artistic performances, as well as numerous museums.

Kolkota is a lively city in motion, unstable and unpredictable. The gateway to India, until 1912 and the Rajah's capital in India, still carries a Victorian imprint on its streets and structures. More than 10 million people live in Kolkot. It boasts large industrial enterprises, textile factories and corporate divisions. Regal buildings, dirty avenues, bustling bazaars, elegant hotels, people from all walks of life - in Kolkot there is everything.

The formation of the green heart of the city is a complex area of ​​lawns called Maidan, bordered on one side by a river, and on the other by an elegant boulevard - Chouring. The Maidan is the venue for a variety of events, from football matches to political rallies. The grounds are also labeled as "light cities".

Near the lawns there are a number of famous sights. At the south end is the Victoria Memorial, an imposing white marble building, a museum that houses the relics of the British Empire. At the northern end is the Ochterloni Monument, a 48-meter-high column now known as Shahid Minar. Next to it are Eden Gardens with a picturesque lake and a bizarre Burmese pagoda. Birla Planetarium, one of the largest in the world, is located on the southern tip of the vast Maidan, along with zoological gardens.

The Indian Museum, one of the largest of its kind in India, is located in Chowringh. Academy of Fine Arts, Nehru Children's Museum, Netaji Museum, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Birla Industrial and Technology Museum, RabindraBharati Museum and the Museum of Indian Art of Ashutosh are some of the museums that contain priceless and rare art objects,


Delhi, the capital of India, is a mixture of old and new. Ancient and modern times are combined here not only in the remnants of the continuity of empires, but also in the current social structure and way of life. This is the place most people think of when they visit India.

The name Delhi, Dehali or Dilly comes from Dhilliki, the name of the first medieval settlement of Delhi, located on the southwestern border of the present Delhi in Mehauri. This was the first in a series of seven medieval cities. He is also known as Yoginipura, that is, the fortress of yogis (female deities).

 It was, however, an ancient urban settlement in Delhi, known as Indraprastha on the banks of the Yamuna, which is believed to have been founded by the Pandava brothers, the mythical heroes of the Mahabharata, the national epic of India. Excavations at the site of the village in Purana Kila or Old Fort show that the date of the oldest housing in Delhi is about the 3rd or 4th century B.C.

 Delhi is divided into two parts. Old Delhi or Delhi was one of the capitals of Muslim India between the 12th and 19th centuries. There are old forts, mosques and monuments connected with the Muslim history of India. New Delhi is an imperial city that was created as the capital by the British. It extends to a wide territory and is surrounded by impressive boulevards.

Delhi is a major tourist portal in India. This is one of the busiest points in India for foreign airlines and is on the way by land routes throughout Asia. Delhi is the place that all travelers think about, but soon they discover that Delhi is just the beginning of miracles that India can offer.

A Look at the Crafts of India

India is rich in artistic works. Often visitors of this country often are confused to decide what kind of craft they will carry with them. The choice of many, widely varied and often inexpensive.

 The highest quality goods can often be found in bazaars that are inhabited by larger cities such as Delhi, Manbai in Bombay, Calcutta in Calcutta and Chennai in Madras. Literally thousands of places, from quaint shops to roadside stands, sell handicrafts to visitors.

 Rajasthan and Kashmir are the two largest producers of handicrafts intended for mass distribution. In Rajasthan, you will find deals on fabrics, jewelry, glass, ceramics, carpets and camel skin products. Carpets, shawls and embroidery dominate the products produced in Kashmir. They are often considered to have the best quality.

 Many tribal communities of India produce unusual crafts that are popular among tourists. These crafts include the wire animals of the Orissa cockroaches and large bronze sculptures in Nagaland. In the Himalayas, a large number of silver, turquoise and coral jewelry are produced.

 Indian jewelry stores specialize in bright 22-carat gold products. Many of the local tribes trade traditional silver jewelry for more preferred gold. Often jewelers have bags with silver jewelry for sale by the pound. Brass and copper are processed in pallets, cups and plates. The best of them can be found in Varanast.

 No mention of the crafts of India would be complete without mentioning Bidriere, the specialties of Aurangabad and Hayderbad. This ship is a matte bronze alloy, finely inlaid with silver and gold. Then it is used in the manufacture of boxes, vases and huggas, or water pipes. They will certainly be kept by all who receive them.

 This article touches upon the culture of India's rich crafts. Spend a lot of time looking at diversity and choice. You are sure to find a wonderful souvenir on your trip to India.

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