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Tourism for Brazilians in Chile

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Conheça os serviços da TourGo, which offers diverse options of turism for Brazilians not Chile! E o melhor de tudo? The exclusive discount service for you!

Tourism for Brazilians in Chile

Chile is one of the two most sought-after destinations for Brazilians, who travel hundreds of years every year looking to see and feel snow and also to ski in one of the various Chilean ski resorts. But many tourists do not know that the country offers hundreds of activities that are very popular. It was precisely the objective of offering the best and most diversified tours Chile, which was created by the TourGo tourism company, located in the center of Santiago, which provides services tours traditional and personalized to your clients.

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Check out some tourism options for Brazilians in Chile offered by the company:


Walking through Santiago, the Chilean capital, is prepared to breathe in culture and admire the curves and architectural forms of its buildings, museums and streets. The tourist can see the Cerros Santa Lucia and Cerro San Cristóbal and walk quietly admiring the peculiarities of two charming bairros Belas Artes, Itália and Lastarria. It is clear, of course, that the most boêmio and colorful neighborhood is home to a patio with dozens of restaurants offering Chilean, Mexican, Italian, Peruvian and other cuisine: the Bellavista neighborhood.

Tourism for Brazilians in Chile


In addition to the basic and most requested tour, tourists can discover the ski resorts El Colorado, Farellones, Valle Nevado and La Parva, who travel to Chile with TourGo and can marvel at the sun seen at the top of the Cordilheira dos Andes. This is a unique experience offered by the agency, which also prepares a sparkling toast to celebrate and celebrate the occasion!

Ainda nas Cordilheiras, the tourist who chooses the TourGo tours can experience the experience of knowing Cajón del Maipo, a valley that crosses the Cordilheira dos Andes with various small towns, the main one being San José del Maipo, a small city full of history that It was founded in 1972 and is considered National and Human Heritage.

Ainda at Cajón del Maipo, you will be impressed by the beauty of Embalse el Yeso, which is the main water supply dam of Santiago and which fascinates with its shade that varies from turquoise blue to emerald green. The beauty of the place does not end there, because the whole work is known worldwide, since the waters only surround the mountains of the cordilheira, which does not have white and snowy winters.

Tourism for Brazilians in Chile


The agency also offers tours to the cities in Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. The tour conducted with a local guide is rich in cultural and historical information, which becomes even more interesting and interesting.

The walk begins in the port city of Valparaíso, known for its Bohemian fame, urban art, poetry and history. Your eyes are full of attention for its multicolored and colorful houses that surround you, and many of them house spectacular hotels and hostels, cafes, bars and restaurants.

From there, the tour departs for Viña del Mar, a more sophisticated city, with beautiful beaches and cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. His dream, of course, is the flower clock, which from time to time changes its appearance, or which becomes one of the two most visited and photographed points in the city.

Tourism for Brazilians in Chile


TourGo offers its clients experiences in addition to two traditional wine tours, such as the experience of walking through the vineyards of dozens of wineries in the Casablanca, Maipo and Colchagua regions. Among the most famous and requested are: Casas del Bosque, Emiliana, Indómita, El Principal and Haras del Pirque.

In addition to knowing how to plant and harvest grapes, the tourist will understand how to make a wine, learn about the types of grapes and their particularities through a tasting with a sommelier and have the opportunity to make your own wine. .

And to make more beer than wine, Tourgo has exclusive tours for two artisan breweries, where customers, in addition to learning about the manufacturing process and tasting six varieties of artisanal beers, will be able to spend an incredible afternoon with a churrasco washed down with beer.

Tourism for Brazilians in Chile

Other Experiences

Have you thought about going up to the mouth of a volcano? Entering a natural thermal pool surrounded by nature and snow? Does the saltwater pool still fluctuate? Conhecer one of the two most arid salt flats and deserts in the world? Do you want to travel for Chile? Here's more to know about TourGo's work! Certainly you will live unforgettable experiences that will mark your journey and your life.

Tourism for Brazilians in Chile

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