Tiramisù Day: where to eat the Italian sweet in Rio and SP

Tiramisù Day: where to eat the Italian sweet in Rio and SP

South America

This Monday, March 21st, Tiramisù Day is celebrated! Popular inside and outside Italy, the sweet is traditionally prepared with layers of champagne biscuits, mascarpone cheese and coffee. In Brazil, the recipe arrived with immigrants and over the years, it gained different versions. So, if you, like us, are also a fan of this dessert, check out the itinerary we created below with tips on where to eat this Italian sweet, in Rio and São Paulo! Take the opportunity to also read about Jimmy Ogro's new restaurant and places to have breakfast in Rio.

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Give Tiramisu

Rio de Janeiro


There, not everything ends with pizza. It often ends with the house's tiramisù, a typical Veneto recipe, where, according to legend, the sweet was created. Made by hand, the dessert consists of a light cheese-based cream, biscuits soaked in espresso coffee and cocoa powder (R$ 28).

End: Rua Maria Angélica, 129 – Jardim Botânico.

From Brambini

In front of Leme beach, the charming, traditional Italian restaurant, presents a tiramisù prepared by hand, as per tradition (R$ 29).

End: Av. Atlântica, 514 – Leme


Based on English biscuit, coffee, mascarpone and cocoa powder, tiramisù (R$51) is a favorite on Gero's dessert menu. Certainly a classic that could not be missing from the Italian restaurant's menu.

End: Avenida Vieira Souto, 80 – Ipanema

Classic dessert


At the restaurant, tiramisù is one of the mini-dessert options. Therefore, it can be purchased alone, for R$18, or as a trio of mini sweets, which costs R$44.

End: Av. Afrânio de Melo Franco, 290 – Leblon

All Nhoque

At chef Helena Murucci's restaurant, Tiramisù is made with mascarpone, champagne biscuits, chocolate and coffee (R$28).

End: Rua São Clemente, 24 – Botafogo. Rua Visconde da Graça, 63 – Jardim Botânico

São Paulo: Tiramisù Day

Le Blé Bread House

How about a tiramisù Easter egg? That's what the artisan confectionery and bakery prepared. Therefore, the Easter version of the Italian sweet has a Belgian white chocolate shell, filled with mascarpone brigadeiro and coffee ganache (R$ 149; 500g).

End: Rua Pará 252, Higienópolis.

Certainly a good version of the sweet

Local restaurant

In fact, the classic Italian dessert cannot be missing from the menu. Tiramisù (R$34), with mascarpone cream and champagne biscuits dipped in coffee, is finished with cocoa powder.

End: 369 Manuel Guedes Street – Itaim Bibi

Grandma Rosa

The restaurant run by chef Carlos Leiva, and headed by Marcelo Muniz, will have a special event on the 21st. In addition to the classic version – with mascarpone cheese, coffee syrup, biscuits and cocoa crumble – you will have two other options to choose from: of chocolate bread and limoncello. Therefore, each of the three costs R$36.

End: R. Padre João Manuel, 950 – Jardins



In charge of the restaurant at the Canopy São Paulo Jardins hotel, chef David Kasparian creates recipes inspired by the culinary traditions of the immigrants who formed the capital of São Paulo. Therefore, in honor of the Italians, the house's tiramisù (R$38) is made with Pará cocoa from Gutzeit Chocolates, with mascarpone cream and finished with cocoa nibs.

End: Rua Saint Hilarie, 40, Jardins



At chef Benny Novak's trattoria, Italian sweets are classic and well served. Therefore, it is prepared with layers of champagne biscuits soaked in espresso coffee and interspersed with mascarpone cream. In fact, dessert is one of the favorites on the restaurant's menu. Furthermore, it is available for delivery.

Ifood ou Take-away: 3259-6896

Indeed, a delicious dessert

Truffle shop San Paolo

At the restaurant specializing in truffles, the Tiramisù version (R$ 29) is made with mascarpone cream, coffee liqueur, Genoese sponge cake with traces of coffee, crunchy 70% Belgian chocolate and cocoa powder.

End: Rua Oscar Freire 155, Jardim Paulista.

Certainly a delicious version of Tiramisù

By Duda Vetere and Renata Araújo.

Photos: Bruno Geraldi, Fabio Rossi, Raul Mota, Roberto Seba, Tomás Rangel, Victor Gontijo,