Tips for hiding wrinkles by applying makeup correctly

Tips for hiding wrinkles by applying makeup correctly


Without a doubt, one of a woman’s biggest nightmares is noticing extra pounds on her figure and… the marks of time on the mirror. And it is this second nightmare that we will talk about now. When we start to notice certain wrinkles or age marks, it’s because it’s time to boost our beauty care, combining good quality creams with some makeup tricks, which certainly won’t remove the marks or even hide them. remove them completely, but will undoubtedly leave you with a lighter, more youthful appearance. Well, enough blah, blah, blah and let’s get to the tips:

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Tips for hiding wrinkles by applying makeup correctly

Tricks to disguise wrinkles

Skin up to date

To hide wrinkles, invest in products designed for mature skin. Today there are some based on DMAE, an excellent and proven firming agent, with immediate effects, believe me, in addition to smoothing wrinkles at the same time it is applied, this type of cosmetic increases collagen production and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles. and, if not prevent it, at least considerably slow down the pace at which this happens.

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Avoid using powder

Well, a lot of people end up falling into a trap without realizing it, because trying to hide wrinkles and expression marks with powder ends up highlighting these signs of age even more. oily, to avoid excess shine, and even then, only use it very thinly, otherwise it could ruin all the makeup, acquiring a cracked appearance, as the powdery texture accumulates between the wrinkles, leaving these signs more visible. evident, not to mention that drooping eyelids also end up becoming more prominent.

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Disguise the marks of time

If you really want to disguise wrinkles, don’t use eyeliners and lipsticks, as older skin presents not only more expression lines, but also sagging, so, to try to disguise them, a good tip is to very gently outline the eyes and the mouth, which tend to contain more wrinkles. Another tip is to invest in a good foundation, preferably one with a creamy texture, to leave your face well hydrated, and don’t make the mistake of shimmers, which only draw attention to these signs, so invest in opaque tones, that disguise it better.

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Dry lipstick

To avoid making mistakes when using lipstick, forget about very creamy lipsticks, prefer less creamy ones that will paint your lips without running or accumulating in the grooves of your mouth.

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Divert attention from wrinkles

A very important tip that applies to everything is to always try to disguise something you don’t like by drawing attention to another thing or area, and the same goes for undesirable wrinkles, try to divert attention to the eyebrows, apply blush, at the most high on the cheekbone, to give a lift to the features, this way the eyebrows will be more arched, harmonizing the face, another tip is to darken the inner corner of the eyes a little, with a black or strong brown pencil, finish with a dark shade of lipstick .

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Matching makeup

Prioritizing the same colors in makeup as your clothes can make your look too heavy. The ideal is to do your makeup thinking about the accessories you will use. But always be careful when using sparkles.

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Step by step to get your makeup right and hide wrinkles:

Step by step to get your makeup right and hide wrinkles

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1. First, cleanse your skin with a good lotion to remove impurities and allow the makeup to have a lighter effect;

2. Tone the skin, using a soothing lotion such as chamomile, it will give the face a more rested, smooth and clean look, with a cleansing lotion;

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3. Moisturize your face and neck using saline solution;

4. Apply product with a tightening effect (DMAE) around the eyes and lips;

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5. Now it’s time to even out your skin, to do this use a foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin, give preference to brands that also offer hydration;

6. Finally, in the eye area, try to use opaque colors, such as beige or brown, remembering to avoid shimmery tones, which will only highlight your wrinkles.

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