10 Coisas que você precisa saber antes de comprar roupa feminina online

Tips for buying women’s clothing online


Buying clothes is already very good.

Now, buying women’s clothing online, from the comfort of your home, is even better.

However, e-commerce requires some care and you need to know a few things before making these purchases.

Thinking about your safety and satisfaction, we formatted this article as a guide for you to avoid suffering and frustration when buying women’s clothing online.

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Women's Clothing Online

How to identify the supplier online

An online clothing store is trustworthy when there is an officially registered company name, CNPJ, address, telephone number and email address. If the store publicly offers only the telephone number or email address, the store may not provide the necessary trust. Before buying women’s clothing online, find out all the supplier’s details.

The rule is: the more data the online store provides to its customers, the more security guarantee it will give the buyer.

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Communication channels

The lack of a communication channel may mean that the online store is not interested in maintaining contact with customers, which could be a problem, as there will be no way to answer questions or complain about something that went wrong in the store. purchase.

An online store must offer, in a visible location, dialog boxes, real-time chat, telephone and email for customers to ask about clothing measurements, payment methods, delivery time and also complain about defects, errors and delays .

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Seek feedback from other buyers

Before buying women’s clothing online or any other item on the internet, it is very important to seek the opinion of other people who have used the same purchasing service. Sites like Reclame Aqui, Procon and social networks themselves are great channels for finding out what people think of the delivery, payment and customer service service.

If an online women’s clothing store has more complaints than compliments, for example, you need to be suspicious. One tip is to check the complaint index and problem solution index on the Procon website in the store region.

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Don’t buy on impulse

Online women’s clothing stores have the advantage of running advertisements that link the customer directly to the store on websites, emails and social networks… Due to the convenience of the click, we can get carried away by practicality and the attraction of some very beautiful piece, but it is It is important not to buy on impulse.

Check information about the store before risking passing your personal data to someone you don’t know.

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Buy women's clothing online

Pay attention to electronic security

To make a purchase, online clothing stores ask for various personal details from the customer, such as CPF, address, and credit card number to complete the payment. Before providing all this data, be sure that the site has electronic security.

But how to do this? It’s simple, see:

  1. See if the website starts with the acronym HTTPS;
  2. See if your browser displays a closed padlock when accessing the online store;
  3. Click on the padlock and see if there is a security certificate;
  4. Only finish shopping when all these steps are done.

You can further increase security when purchasing women’s clothing online by downloading an antivirus and keeping it updated.

It is also a good idea to avoid making these purchases on public computers used in Internet cafés, or at work, for example. They may not be protected and other people may have access to your data.

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Pay attention to international purchases

No woman can resist a good international clothing store. The convenience of being able to purchase a product that we cannot find in Brazil in the comfort of your home is practically irresistible, but you must pay extra attention when purchasing online in these stores.

  1. It’s not a rule, but product delivery usually takes much longer. Make sure that nothing has been lost and that the product will arrive in one piece;
  2. Imported women’s clothing is taxed and these taxes, plus shipping, can make it much more expensive; Watch the video that teaches you how to import clothes economically.
  3. In the event of a defect and the need for an exchange, the process becomes much more complicated, as consumer protection agencies here in Brazil cannot help in the case of imported products.
  4. In the case of international purchases, it is interesting to choose stores that offer payment via services such as PayPal. Fraud is more difficult in this way because the store does not know your personal data.

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Physical stores are easier to exchange. Just go to the store with the product and the receipt and that’s it! It doesn’t work like that in online stores. Therefore, through the website itself, or through communication channels, be sure that your right to exchange is covered by the establishment.

According to Procon, all products purchased on the internet must come with an invoice and the store must accept exchange correspondence, at no fee to the customer.

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Be careful when purchasing online

Payment methods

Online stores must offer payment options by bank slip or credit card. As with international purchases, the safest way to pay on credit is through services such as PayPal.

Choose online women’s clothing stores that have physical headquarters in your city

When you can count on a physical location for the store where you made the purchase, exchanges and negotiations can become easier. You won’t need to send a defective product by post, for example, just go to the nearest store.

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Compare prices and be wary of discounts

If you know, more or less, what the price of the piece you want is in physical stores and you come across abnormal discounts in online stores, it’s best to be suspicious. Try contacting the store to find out the reason for the low price. You don’t want to get carried away with a cheap part and have it arrive defective.