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Tips for a good coexistence


Currently, many owners have pets dog and cat togetherbut is this a good relationship?

For a long time there was the idea that species together were not friends with each other. However, it is possible to say that yes, there can be a good coexistence between both pets. Continue reading and find out how to do this.

Can you have a cat and dog together?

You don't need to choose just one pet, as it is possible to have a good coexistence and maintain dog and cat together.

Furthermore, research indicates that both species have similar abilities to develop a friendly relationship with each other and that they are capable of recognizing and understanding body language from its companion of the other species.

Dog and cat together: the best tips for a good coexistence

Dog and cat together: tips for good adaptation and coexistence

To create a healthy and harmonious coexistence for both, some actions need to be put into practice, since they are different from each other. Check out the tips:

Understand the animal's personality

Each pet has a personality, and this must be taken into consideration when deciding to have a new member at home.

Furthermore, you need to be careful as some dog breeds are known for their aggressive behavior when there is another species nearby.

On the other hand, there are also dog breeds that tend to have a friendly relationship with cats, among them are:

Golden Retriever;

Labrador Retriever;




New land.

Therefore, know the temperament of the pets in the house.

Dog and cat together: the best tips for a good coexistence

Dog and cat together: introduce the new pet

The moment the cat and dog get to know each other is essential to ensure the next steps towards a good coexistence.

Therefore, this introduction should happen naturally so that both of you are not uncomfortable. And, let them interact on their own time and feel comfortable approaching their new partner.

Control interaction

Interactions must be controlled, since both have different ways of expressing themselves.

Therefore, be careful that both of you do not play aggressively and do not force them to stay together. And, in the first moments, just let the cat loose.

Calm environment

Bet on a calm and welcoming environment. Therefore, the best option is a place where they can feel safe, away from noise or interruptions.

Individualized spaces

So that no situation is forced, the best option for a good adaptation is to keep everyone in their own space.

To do this, separate a place for each pet and for the bed, water fountain, food bowl and accessories.

Dog and cat together: work with positive reinforcement

Invest in positive reinforcement, as it is one of the best practices to build a good relationship dog and cat jUnto.

In it, the pet is rewarded with affection or a snack after good behavior, and this generates a good association.

Therefore, reward the two whenever they are together having fun, playing or resting.

Training can help

A great option is undoubtedly professional help. This is because some pets need greater care to interact with the new pet, and this may require complete training.

However, talk to your veterinarian to explore options so everything can be done comfortably.

Dog and cat together: the best tips for a good coexistence

Now that you know everything to have a good relationship with dog and cat togetherhire the Pet Anjo training service to help you with this task.

Because they are professionals who specialize in teaching your pet through commands, targeted activities, positive reinforcement, rewards and lots of fun.