This is the most efficient way to sweep the floor, according to Science

This is the most efficient way to sweep the floor, according to Science


If you don’t have time to clean, check out this tip! According to scientists, the secret is to create a strategy to sweep the floor!

If you don’t like doing household chores or if you don’t have time to do it, believe me, this subject can greatly optimize your time. This is because there is a much more efficient way of sweeping the floor and which few people know about, at least that is what scientists guarantee.

The big secret of cleaning, as you will see, is creating strategies. That’s right, it’s not enough to just grab the broom and sweep the floor in a messy way.

To save effort and time you need, first of all, to understand the environment that needs to be cleaned and divide it intelligently. The place where you start sweeping the floor also counts a lot, especially when it comes to collecting the trash, you know?

And, if you think that cleaning ends there, you are mistaken (and cleaning your house very poorly). As you will see, there is no point in sweeping the floor without completing the work to ensure that even the smallest mounds of dust disappear.

But, of course, no one needs to waste a lot of time on this type of task. Below, in the list, is the step-by-step guide on how you should do it to have a more efficient and faster cleaning.

This is the way you should sweep the floor:

1. A good broom

It all starts by choosing a good broom for the job.

There’s no point in picking up the one in the corner of the pantry, with the old, tangled bristles. Brooms like these only increase the effort and spread the dust even more across the floor.

2. Draw up a strategy

It seems silly to say it like this, but having a strategy when sweeping the floor is important. This prevents you from working more.

So, choose a starting point and maintain the same direction until you leave the room. Never start in the middle, as your effort to clean the entire place will be much greater.

Another good tip is to never neglect the corners, so that dirt does not accumulate.

3. Divide quadrants

The best way to maintain the pace of work, in fact, is to divide the room into quadrants.

Then, just start sweeping each quadrant of the corner, always taking the dust to the middle of each section, using short, firm movements.

4. Don’t be discouraged

No sweeping everything at once, taking the trash to the exit! You must finish each room by collecting the pile of rubbish with a shovel.

And, to collect the rest of the trash that remains under the shovel, it can be easily cleaned with the help of a paper towel, ok?

5. Leave nothing behind

As soon as you collect the trash, ensure that no dust is left behind by wiping the room with a damp cloth.

6. Ready

Once that’s done, just make sure no one steps on the floor until it dries and that’s it. You’ve just given your floor a great cleaning, which will stay clean for much longer.

So, have you ever done something similar to this “technique”? Do you think it can be really valuable when it comes to saving you time and making the service more efficient? Don’t forget to comment!

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