The Louis Vuitton Foundation exhibitions in Paris

The Louis Vuitton Foundation exhibitions in Paris


The Louis Vuitton Foundation museum is a great tip for cultural tour in Paris. Open since 2014, the building, designed by architect Frank Gherry, is the region's biggest attraction. In the shape of a ship and fully glazed, with 12 panels, the structure does not go unnoticed and not for nothing, it cost R$ 143 thousand euros and It took five years to completeThe. Every year, countless exhibitions pass through the foundation and delight not only tourists but also locals. On my most recent visit to Paris, I visited the exhibition by painter Mark Rothko, which brings together around 115 works from the Paris collections. National Gallery of Art it's yes Phillips Collectionem Washington, da Tate, in London, and from the private collection of the artist's family. In addition to this, two other exhibitions will be on display until 2024. Therefore, if you visit the City of Lights, it is worth visiting the Louis Vuitton Foundation exhibitions!

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Mark Rothko's 115 works

Distributed throughout all spaces of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, following a chronological path, Mark Rothko's works trace the artist's entire trajectory, from his first paintings to the abstraction that defines his identity. On display until April 2024, the exhibition begins with intimate scenes and urban landscapes – such as scenes from the New York subway – that dominated the 1930s. Furthermore, the exhibition reflects a repertoire inspired by ancient myths and the tragic dimension of human condition during war.

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From 1946 onwards, Rothko took a decisive turn with Multiformas. Thus, the organization of his painting quickly evolves towards the “classic” works of the 1950s, where rectangular shapes overlap with tones of yellow, red, ocher and orange. Oh, and it's worth going up to the Louis Vuitton Foundation's terrace for beautiful views of Paris, of the Acclimatization Garden!

Mark Rothko was an American painter of the contemporary expressionism movement. He began his career in 1925, in New York, and was one of the great artists of the 20th century, known for his abstract and intense paintings. “I became a painter because I wanted to elevate painting to the same level of intensity as music and poetry,” Rothko once said.

The structure of the Louis Vuitton Foundation

The foundation is made up of more than 10 galleries and the success of the place, without a doubt, is the view of the acclimatization garden that is part of the Bologna woodon the terrace. In fact, in 2016, the building became even more beautiful, all colorful and attracting the attention of those who passed by. French artist Daniel Buren installed glass plates that created a play of light and color according to the movement of the sun. However, recently, the structure returned to its monochromatic concept, but never lost its artistic character.

The structural concept of the Louis Vuitton Foundation

If you want to extend your program for lunch or a snack, the museum has “Le Frank”, run by Jean Louis Nomicos. In fact, the chef is also the owner of “Les Tablettes”, a restaurant that earned him a star Michelin.

How to get to the Foundation

Getting there is super easy. Just catch a shuffle – that the French they call it a navette – close to the Arc de Triomphe, in Place Charles de Gaulle, what part every 20 minutes.

Louis Vitton Foundation in Paris

Louis Vuitton Foundation exhibitions

Until February 19, 2024, the exhibition “Goodbye”, by Alex Ayed, will present a unique project that takes the form of a sailing expedition around the world. Initially, this exhibition inaugurates the beginning of the journey and reconstructs the artist's daily observations and experiences at sea.

The exhibition “Beyond” will be on display – as well as Mark Rothko’s – until April 2nd. Xie Lei's paintings aim to translate a sensitive universe and a field of experimentation that serves to explore the contemporary world. Inspired by traditional Chinese imagery, ancient rituals and Western mythology, the works refer to troubled or disturbing situations. The themes covered are often dark and disturbing, such as sleep and death or torment and eroticism.

Louis Vuitton Foundation, certainly a great cultural tour in Paris

Now, It remains to be seen what next surprises the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris has in store for us!

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