The elegant Empório Fasano in Jardins, in São Paulo

The elegant Empório Fasano in Jardins, in São Paulo

South America

A little piece of Italy in the heart of São Paulo! This is Empório Fasano in Jardins, which I went to see on my last trip to São Paulo and was impressed. Opened just under a year ago, it is located in a three-story building measuring more than a thousand square meters, and brings together a salumeria, a rotisserie, a bakery, a small shop and a wine cellar with more than a thousand labels. In addition, it has a charming café on the terrace, where it is also possible to have lunch, dinner or arrange a happy hour. In other words, it offers a wide selection of gourmet products and Italian specialties, such as, for example, fresh pasta, olive oil, wines, cheeses, meats, freshly ground coffee, among others. Certainly a unique gastronomic experience in SP. Therefore, it's worth a trip to the Empório whether to give someone a gift, buy something for yourself or eat there.

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Empório Fasano in Jardins

The Empório's elegant and classic decor, following the Fasano standard, makes the environment even more charming and welcoming. With an investment of R$15 million, in total there are more than 4,500 items, all subjected to scrutiny by businessman Gero Fasano himself, and curated by chef and winemaker Danio Braga. On the ground floor, you can choose fruits and vegetables grown by small producers, meats and cuts premium, as well as a wide variety of dairy products. In addition, there is also a range of imported products, such as cheeses from different regions of the world, hams and various sausages that can be cut and tasted right there.

At the rotisserie, a variety of dishes, including classic Fasano recipes, are pre-finished or ready for consumption. On the opposite side, a variety of breads and delicious sweets come out of the bakery. On the first floor is the wine cellar, a true paradise for wine lovers. Experts Manoel Beato and Dânio Braga selected more than 7,200 labels from more than 6,000 bottles distributed throughout the space. Anyone who wants to can enjoy a glass of wine while snacking on a sausage, for example. It is also possible to closely follow the production of mozzarella, and see how the famous burrata with fresh cream from

Fasano.Fasano raw hamI tried the delicious raw ham

Wines & Coffees

Meanwhile, on the top floor, products from the Fasano Casa line are on display, which brings together decorative and design objects, collectible items, and a variety of exclusive pieces, such as candles, blankets, pajamas, armchairs and crockery.

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And last but not least, the Caffè e Panetteria, where customers can sit in the lounge or in the pleasant outdoor area, and enjoy artisanal breads, sweets, salads, sandwiches and some pastas. In fact, another new feature of this project is the brand's own coffee, which is roasted and ground in an authentic Italian machine.

Therefore, a mandatory stop for lovers of Italian cuisine, wines and gourmet products in São Paulo. Certainly a unique place in Brazil when it comes to gastronomy and retail together.

End: Rua Bela Cintra, 2.245 – Jardins.

Text and photos by Renata Araújo.