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The 7 most common mistakes made when using lipstick


For many women – and men too – the lipstick is considered the item of makeup that enhances women’s faces.

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But, let’s face it, there is no beauty or look that can keep a stain on your teeth, dry lips, among many other little sins that we often commit when using lipstick.

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But… the good news is that these are common problems, that is, you are not alone in this, and they are dilemmas of make which can be avoided, simply by following a few tips. And that’s what we’ll show you now, which are the 7 most common mistakes made when passing lipstick and tips for overcoming them.

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mistakes when using lipstick

Discover the 7 mistakes you should avoid when using lipstick


Who wants to show off beautiful lips, you must not stop moisturizing, so that the skin remains soft and healthy, especially during the coldest months of the year. Therefore, the tip is to appeal to a good lip balm to avoid possible cracks in the region.

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And let’s face it, there isn’t a make – even the best made – that survives flaking, so it is essential to regularly exfoliate the skin. mouth skin.

And it is worth remembering that any makeup it lasts longer if the skin is smoother. Therefore, in case of peeling, the tip is to clean the lips and start all over again.

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Since it was discovered, the primer has become every woman’s best friend, and one of his functions is to let lips even more beautiful, to do this, simply apply it before lipstickit will add a smooth, moisturizing layer to your skin. lipsforming the perfect base to receive the lipstick right away.

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Never stops outline the lipsbecause the lip liner serves as a barrier between the lipstick and the foundation used on the face.

Try to make a line along the outer edge of the lips To highlight the shape and prevent smudging, just try to choose a color that matches perfectly with your lipstick or a lighter version, if you want to make a look very 90s.

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tips for applying lipstick

When applying, try not to make the same mistake as most women, the tip is to apply the lipstick from the center of lipsmoving towards the edges, this is the best way to avoid blurring when you get to the edges.

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Another very common mistake is to overdo it when applying the lipstickas if that would guarantee it for longer.

In fact, this will only result in stains on your cup, blouse, dress and… worse, your teeth? It is necessary to apply the lipstick and remove the excess later. The tip is to place a piece of paper between the lips and place it against your mouth and… that’s it!

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Another mistake is choosing a certain lipstick because it looks good on a model, actress or even a best friend.

In fact, not all lipstick It suits any skin tone, so the tip, to avoid making mistakes, is to follow the following classic rule: tones with a blue base (classic red) look good on people with fair skin, while tones with an orange base (brick red) are perfect for brunettes.

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Okay, now just apply your lipstick favorite and rock around!

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