ocyá, um dos preferidos dos chefs no rio

The 100 best restaurants in Brazil, according to Casual Exame

South America

After Casual Exame published the list of the best bars in the country, it was time to choose the 100 best restaurants in Brazil! Certainly a difficult task for the jury made up of 61 renowned critics and influencers specialized in the subject, such as, for example, our editor-in-chief Renata Araújo and this one who speaks to you, Duda Vétere, assistant editor of the site. Each expert named ten bars of their choice, in no order of importance, and the list brings together addresses from 12 different states. The one who secured the first position was A Casa do Porco, in fact, for the second year in a row. Not surprisingly, it appears in seventh place in the The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Two more Rio restaurants complete the podium: Lasai, by chef Rafa Costa e Silva, and Oteque, run by chef Alberto Landgraf.

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O top 10

In fourth place is the formidable Origem, in Salvador, by chefs Fabrício and Lisiane Arouca. Opened in 2016, it is open for dinner only and with a tasting menu. In fifth place is Maní (SP), by chef Helena Rizzo, followed by Manga, also in Salvador, by Bahian chef Dante Bassi and German Katrin Bassi. In seventh place, Metz (SP) stands out, which serves authentic Mexican cuisine, modern but with Brazilian touches. Meanwhile, eighth place also belongs to Charco from São Paulo, by chef Tuca Mezzomo, who uses fire in the most different ways.

To close the Top 10, Nelita (SP), by young chef Tássia Magalhães, who makes original and contemporary cuisine, and Glouton (BH), by Minas Gerais chef Leonardo Paixão, who mixes the cuisine of Minas Gerais with that of France.

The 100 best restaurants in Brazil

Among the best restaurants in Brazil are Notiê (SP), which offers a tasting menu in honor of the Amazon, and DOM (SP), by chef Alex Atala, in 11th and 12th position, respectively. Already tied for 15th place are Evvai, run by chef Luiz Filipe Souza, with a Michelin star, and which offers an impeccable tasting menu, and Mocotó, a traditional northeastern country food restaurant, by chef Rodrigo Oliveira.

In 16th place is the star-studded Cipriani, an Italian restaurant at the Belmond Copacabana Palace, under the command of chef Nello Cassesse. The one that occupies 18th place is Murakami, an excellent Japanese restaurant in Jardins, by chef Tsuyoshi Murakami, which has a counter for just 12 seats. Certainly great places that you need to include on your list, if you haven’t already!

Rio gastronomy

And there are more Cariocas on the list! Ocyá, opened last year, by chef Gerônimo Athuel, has done a brilliant job with fish and seafood on Ilha Primeira, in Barra da Tijuca, and ranked 21st. In 24th place is Escama, by consultant chef Ricardo Lapeyre. Búzios also appeared on the list of the best restaurants in Brazil, and in double doses! In 28th, there is 74, a Casas Brancas restaurant, led by chef Gonzalo Vidal, while soon after, in 29th, Rocka, by Argentine chef Gustavo Rinkevich, who makes signature cuisine with local ingredients. We are fans!

In fact, there are many incredible places, not only in Rio and São Paulo, but also in other corners of Brazil, such as Salvador, Recife, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba. So it's worth checking out the full list! Just click here.

Text and photos by Renata Araújo and Duda Vétere.