As 10 melhores máscaras de cílios + como escolher o melhor aplicador

The 10 best mascaras: options and how to choose


To choose the best mascara, it is important to know that the bristles that guarantee more volume are closer together and/or shorter.

Firstly, what are the 1st best mascaras? Above all, let’s learn how to buy the mask according to our abilities.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that choosing between the 10 best mascaras is as important as choosing the right foundation for your skin color. In fact, there are mascaras that promise to highlight your eyes even more, and make your eyelashes even more voluminous, curved and lengthened. Therefore, it is important to know well before buying.

Above all, to buy among the 10 best mascaras you need to know the characteristics of each one. In fact, it is interesting to buy mascaras with components that help hydrate and protect your eyelashes.

In other words, masks that contain hyaluronic acid, rosemary extract, vitamin E, panthenol, carnauba wax and aloe vera extract. In general, each compound acts in a specific area. However, everyone can bring positive results to your eyelashes.

How to choose the best mascaras


Firstly, you need to know your eyelash type, and what it needs to look even more beautiful. In other words, first decipher what effect you are looking for in your look. Therefore, if your eyelashes are shorter, you need a mascara with a lengthening effect.

Now if your eyelashes are thinner, you will need a mascara that gives more volume. And of course, we can’t forget the mascara that can give that curler effect to our eyelashes, who doesn’t like that, right? In addition to the shape, also try to observe the bristles of your mascara applicator.

Choosing according to the bristles


Bristles that guarantee more volume


First of all, it is important to highlight that the bristles that guarantee more volume are those that are closer together or shorter. Basically, this format can transfer more liquid to the lashes and also more easily. Because the shorter bristles ensure that the product is spread across the lashes instead of accumulating on the brush.

This way, the eyelashes become thicker and more voluminous. Consequently, the look gains more prominence, and of course, the makeup becomes even more incredible.

Bristles that lengthen eyelashes


Firstly, to be able to lengthen your eyelashes, I recommend that you buy a mascara that has bristles, like a comb. Or else, have the bristles firmer and more separated. Because the bristles of this shape can comb and stretch the hair at the same time.

So, if this is your goal, we at Women’s Area recommend that you look for applicators that look like hairbrushes. In fact, if the bristles are irregular, the lashes will be more stretched and a little more lifted.

Above all, this type of mascara is best suited for those makeups where you want to highlight the mouth more than the eyes. After all, this type of bristle leaves the eye more open, and not so bulky.

Bristles that guarantee an eyelash effect


Basically, to guarantee an eyelash curler effect, we recommend that you use C-curved applicators. You can even find products on the market that guarantee volume and at the same time an eyelash curler effect. This way you will be able to combine two effects together, in a single product.

Choosing according to ease of application

If you are part of the women’s team, who buy any mascara beforehand, be aware that there are differences between the 1st best mascaras. And one of the differences between them is the method of application. For example, there are masks that, in addition to influencing the effect, also influence the application.

Easier to use applicators


Above all, if you don’t have much experience with makeup, you need to buy a mascara that is easier to use. Therefore, we recommend that you buy the cone-shaped mascara. Basically, the bristles of this format are shorter at the tip. Therefore, they can reach the inner corner and lower lash line.

Overall, it allows you to reach every possible strand of your lashes. In addition to this type of applicator, in your case, we also recommend curved, straight and spiral applicators.

Easy-to-use applicators


Basically, the difference between this one and the previous one is the fact that it requires many applications. That is, you need to wet the brush several times. Furthermore, this type of applicator has a curious shape, similar to that of a hedgehog. Above all, it is a product that can separate the strands well, enhancing the lengthening effect.

Applicators for those who have a lot of practice


Above all, comb-type applicators, even though they are more difficult to use, are applicators that can lengthen the lashes and still prevent the lashes from sticking together. However, as these applicators are longer and thinner, they become more complicated to use. Furthermore, it is less versatile than the others.

The 10 best mascaras

1- The Colossal Volum’ Express Super Film Mask


Above all, this mascara promises much more voluminous lashes, and in just 2 applications. It even manages to increase the volume of the eyelashes, without leaving clumps. What’s more, this mascara is removed instantly with water. And of course, we cannot fail to say that its value.

2- Want Extra Volume Preta


This mascara has an applicator with nylon fibers, which makes the lashes more voluminous and defined. Furthermore, its formula is made up of Panthenol and wheat proteins. In other words, in addition to making your eyelashes fuller, it also manages to hydrate them. Above all.

3- Maybelline The Falsies

the 10 best mascaras
maybelline mascara

If you like a mega production, with full lashes, this is definitely your mascara. Because it can leave your eyelashes with the effect of false eyelashes for up to 24 hours. You will even be able to find a washable and waterproof version of it.

Above all, this mascara leaves eyelashes fuller, longer and with super curl. Furthermore, because it is very versatile, it can paint eyelashes from root to tip. But, of course, it’s no wonder that it’s among the 10 best eyelash mascaras, right? Anyway, if you want.

4- Maxxi Volume and Definition Dailus


Firstly, this mascara, in addition to being cheap, can also leave your eyelashes full-bodied, curved and very voluminous. In fact, the brush of this mascara was specifically created to create thickness, definition and volume in the lashes.

5- Revlon Ultra Volume Blackest Black

the 10 best mascaras
revlon mask

This mascara, even though it has a lighter formula than the others, still manages to leave your lashes very long and voluminous. Furthermore, it is a mask that lasts longer. Therefore.

6- One by One Volum’Express


Above all, among the 10 best eyelash mascaras, this mascara, in addition to being very easy to use, also manages to make the strands even more voluminous and still doesn’t leave hair clumping together. We can also highlight that it is a mask that comes off easily with water. Anyway.

7- Rimel 4D Tango 2 em 1: Alonga e da Volume

the 10 best mascaras
mascara that increases eyelashes

If you want versatility and want to choose the bristles according to the type of makeup, this will definitely be your favorite mascara. After all, in addition to giving your eyelashes a 4D effect, it also contains two types of applicators. One for lengthening and the other for volume.

In fact, this mascara has a waterproof formula, so it can last longer. In general.

8- Beauty Full Volume Bourjois


If you want to have voluminous eyelashes, from root to tip, this mascara could be very interesting for you. In fact, as it contains a cylindrical brush, it can also provide wonderful definition for your eyelashes. It’s worth highlighting that it’s a mascara that doesn’t make your eyelashes clump. And of course.

9- They’re Real Benefit Mascara

the 10 best mascaras
benefit mask

Firstly, it is important to highlight that this is the most expensive mascara we mentioned. After all, it usually. however, it is a mask that can do everything at the same time. In other words, it lengthens, leaves the lashes curled, and adds volume at the same time.

10- Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Bourjois

the 10 best mascaras
bourjois mask

And finally, we can highlight this mascara that makes eyelashes more voluminous. In fact, it contains a creamy formula and comes with natural silicone bristles. Which even makes application easier. Above all, it is a mask that normally.

Anyway, what did you think of our article about the best eyelash mascaras? Did you like it?

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