Affiliate Terms

 Store Latina Present in the Americas, Europe and Africa, totaling more than 120 countries. 

  Affiliates is very easy, Anyone can register in our system of Affiliates Store Latina.

Our system has the Best Commission ever paid for affiliate programs.

We pay in American Dollars, You can compare with other programs from the most famous websites and portals that you will find out what we are saying.

There are two distinct ways you can profit from our system. See below:

 DIRECT SALES - Indicating new customers through your affiliate code will earn you commissions of 20% on purchases made by these customers.

 INDIRECT SALES - You can also nominate new affiliates to form your Downline Network.

Indicating new affiliates through your affiliate code, you will earn commissions up to the 5th level of nomination as shown below.

 You win :

20% on sales of direct affiliates (1st level);

10% on sales of indirect affiliates (2nd level);

5% on sales of indirect affiliates (3rd level);

5% on sales of indirect affiliates (4th level)

3% on sales of indirect affiliates (5th level).

 All levels are unlimited number of participants.

 We Can Also Adapt Your Need.

 Assembling an affiliate network works something like this:

You indicate new affiliates who in turn will indicate other affiliates who will also indicate others and so on.


 By registering for our affiliate program, you receive a restricted affiliate code. Through this code and also your password you can connect a restricted space on our website and also get valuable information on how to publish our products and also our program. It is through your code that our system will produce:

 The approximate address to our website, for those who want to become our customer and also make purchases, generating direct commissions for you;

The entry address to our affiliate program, for those who want to register as an affiliate;

Content your affiliate code, which can be used on your site (if you enjoy) both to indicate new customers of the service and to indicate new affiliates;

Through this information you can make your disclosures both by the network and by traditional methods.

 Your Website on the Net

If you put together a website on the web, this is a supimpa means of advertisement. Visitors to your website could be attracted through the banners offered by our system. Or by another you could increase the visitation of your Internet site, registering it in the primordial search pages.

 Social networks as well as relationship pages

Social networks are an extensive universal trend. From the middle of which we will be able to report Facebook, Twitter, etc. Through these social networks you have contact with hundreds or even thousands of people. Why not use this feature to increase your network? You might even generate groups just for this ending, where you could present ideas to your friends;

Sending emails (authorized)

 Email is a very efficient form of communication. You can carry out your popularization by sending emails to friends, family acquaintances or even to people registered in your newsletter, that this is an event only in an authorized way. The Spam Image is fully as opposed to sending SPAM. Users who use SPAM as a means of communication will be punished as described in our Terms of Adhesion.

Classifieds Available -Line

 There are nowadays in the network several of these services called \ "Affordable Ads -Line \" where you are able to place your trading floor for a certain time. Several of these services are available free of charge.

Forums and discussion groups

If you frequently access any forum or discussion board, you are also likely to allow there your advertisement if you find it conducive.

If you still do not know, blogs are usually offered for free and also zero but are personal pages where the customer places the information that he finds relevant and also this information is presented chronologically and also available to friends, acquaintances, Relatives and also for the whole web. Zero prevents you from using this feature to perform your vulgarization. There are several services of this class offered these days.


With a small investment you are able to generate ads in the largest newspapers in your city. It's a very efficient way to make a profit.

mouth-to-mouth marketing

If your city has several stores selling items and also women's accessories, you may go there in person and also indicate the Store Latina website through visitor cards or flyers containing the address generated by our system along with your code. By means of visitor cards or flyers you may also indicate new affiliates in addition to the customers. Remember that word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising and you too can have quite satisfactory results with it.

Anyway, you may use one or more communication assets presented here. Or even generate your own methods. The most essential is you and also your nominees know that the greater the vulgarization the greater your return. Use and also abuse the free services found on the web. Be active because your success will be saved.


Why should I register as an Affiliate in Store Latina?

1- We are the Best Affiliate Program
2- We have the Biggest Commission paid to the Affiliate, 20% for Generated Sales.
3- Our payment is in US Dollars.
4- We do not have any type of restriction Ex: Keyword, Url, Domain, Etc .........
5- Our Affiliate Partner has Total Freedom to promote our products.
6- The interesting one need not have Blog, Site, Etc ....., to promote our products.
7- Customer coming through your URL Regardless of the product you purchased you always win.
8- Store Latina Present in the Americas, Europe and Africa, totaling more than 60 countries.
9 - Ads may be made in Social Media, Blogs, Sites, in any Language or Country, etc ....
10 - Better commissioning protection

 Most affiliate programs offer in the supreme 20 days of commissioning protection. Store Latina, otherwise offers 6 months of protection! But finally, what does Commissioning Protection mean? Is that while a buyer or affiliate accesses our website through your affiliate code, a cookie is stored on his computer. Cookie is a small registry that is saved on the computer, which makes our system recognize it as being your choice. In the same way, the buyer or affiliate does not register on the first arrival of our website and also subscribes simply after a few weeks, its percentage is guaranteed, WHY THE COOKIE RECORDED ON YOUR COMPUTER WILL HAVE A VALIDITY OF 6 MONTHS! While that most affiliate programs offers in the supreme 20 days.

 Efficient commissioning form

Our system offers a form of commissioning that truly works, because it uses a system based on Multilevel Marketing, where you earn commissions on your direct sales and also on sales of your affiliates (see ways of profit) and also with this you have the Possibility to evolve more financially. Store Latina is concerned about the financial extension of its members, because all dedication and also credit in us deposited deserve recognition.

Flexibility - You may find that over the network you will notice that most affiliate programs only leave your junction if you gather a site. If you do not, you will not be able to participate in these programs. Which would leave you restricted to only one form of popularization. Also, Store Latina lets you explore each and every available form of advertising (see forms of communication). YOU DO NOT NEED AN INTERNET SITE! Although a website is a very useful tool, we believe that it is possible for you to go much further and also tap into your full potential by using no means of communication at your fingertips, as long as it does not infringe any Our TERM OF ACCESSION.

Transparency - Becoming our partner, you will have access to detailed reports about your commissions, accesses, payments made, such as your entire network of direct and indirect referrals. All this in real time. Every time a sale is made you receive an email notifying you of the percentage credited. Every time a payment of your commissions is made you are also communicated. In short, mankind your earnings and also information pertinent to your performance will be available transparently and also immediately to you.

Well, you may have noticed that benefits are very clear and we also have the full probability that this is just the firstfruits. By entering our program you will notice that benefits do not stop there. Get involved.

 * Although the buyer will format your computer and also delete the cookies stored in our database.

Payments are made 30 days after sale.
The commission we pay is 20% on the value of the order.
Payment will be made through the Paypal account of the Affiliate Master.
To be our partner and also start a course it is possible that just helping enough financially is rather simple-minded.
Before you get to zero, if you have not read each and every one of the information about the movement, ways of profit, how to indicate, how we pay and also incentives, we suggest you read these topics carefully and also know our program a lot.
If you already have this fact, you only have to read and also agree to our TERMS OF ACCESSION and also after filling out our affiliate registration.
We reserve the right to change, modify at any time this term of affiliation. Without previous warning



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