tatuagens temporárias

Temporary tattoos: summer 2015 trend


They were once the privilege of little people who competed for them as gifts of gum and some school supplies.

Well, now, temporary tattoos have gained status and fame, and are also known as flash tattoos.

And they are super trendy, so much so that they are adorning bodies beyond famous, such as those of Beyoncé, Alessandra Ambrósio, Vanessa Hudgens among other powerful women.

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temporary tattoos
Thus, the flash tattoos have become a rage and promise to adorn tanned bodies during the summer!

summer trend temporary tattoos

Jump into the temporary tattoo trend

Everything to do with the skin-baring season, the temporary tattoos or flash tattoos They go well with bikinis, shorts, mini skirts and low-cut dresses.

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The coolest thing is that many of the temporary tattoo models imitate jewelry and can be worn around the neck, wrists or heels.

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temporary tattoos
Diva Beyoncé surrendered to the trend!

Alessandra Ambrósio joined the temporary tattoo trend

Above, Alessandra Ambrósio showing off her tattoo…

temporary tattoos for every taste and style

However, whoever wants a temporary tattoo with a definitive face, there is also, in fact, something for all tastes and styles.

beautiful temporary tattoos
Temporary tattoos, in another era, were made in henna and were based on Maori tribal art – a style that was also popular for real tattoos… today, however, things have changed!

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temporary tattoos on the body
Now the trend has taken on a more sophisticated and delicate look, such as Mehndi (Indian style), Hindu symbols, beach themes, as well as the jewelry itself.

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temporary tattoo models
Today the color palette is also different, as black no longer appears so clearly, being replaced by gold and silver.

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photos of temporary tattoos
However…otherwise, anything can be done, the rule is not to follow the rules too much, temporary tattoos can be applied to any part of the body if desired.

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It’s always good to remember that the tattoo draws attention to the part of the body on which it was applied, so, you know, if it’s on the belly, you already know that your little tummy will attract attention… the tip, then, is to choose the part of the body who wants to be noticed!

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black woman wearing temporary tattoos

What’s more, it’s about abusing this trend that highly favors tans and naturally dark or black skin!

Well, I must confess that I’m in love with this trend, but what do you think about temporary tattoos?