Tartuferia: truffle restaurant in São Paulo

Tartuferia: truffle restaurant in São Paulo

South America

Whenever I go to São Paulo, I go on a real gastronomic excursion. After all, there is no shortage of good places to eat. This time, I had a delicious lunch at Tartuferia, the first restaurant in Latin America specializing in Truffles. A noble and fresh ingredient, which comes directly from Italy during all seasons in Europe. The menu ranges from starters and main options, to sweets and drinks with truffles! So keep reading for more details on this truffle restaurant in São Paulo. In fact, take the opportunity to also check out the Adriana Varejão exhibition at the Pinacoteca.

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Truffle restaurant in São Paulo

Located in the Gardens, since 2014 Tartuferia San Paolo has been offering products and recipes based on Italian truffles. They can be white or black (Tartufo Bianco or Tartufo Nero), in chips, preserved or fresh. Truffles are fungi, from the mushroom family, considered rare and appreciated in gastronomy around the world. The restaurant's atmosphere is elegant, and there are also friendly tables on the sidewalk.

The menu is almost entirely truffles, and they are rolled at the table. We started our lunch with a beautiful leaf salad with caramelized figs with truffle honey, goat cheese, toasted walnuts, fresh blueberries, balsamic cream and sprouts. For those who want to opt for a classic house starter, the tip is the breaded brie with truffle honey.

On the menu, there are also risottos, meat and fish and a section of truffle-free dishes. Among the options, for example, are linguine with parmesan sauce, demi-glace and cubes of meat, and grilled prawns with quinoa risotto and leek straw.

In the dessert section, highlights include Chocolamour, semi-sweet Belgian chocolate with Black Truffles, mascarpone ice cream with White Truffles and sweet farofa.

The drinks menu, signed by bartender Laércio Zulu, has original creations, such as, for example, the Truffle Air, which contains Whiskey, Vermouth, Tartufo air, Maple syrup and lemon.

Truffle Air


In addition, Tartuferia also has a line of products with Truffles. Therefore, there are everything from olive oil and preserved truffles, to cream cheese with black truffles and brigadeiro with truffles.

Text and photos by Renata Araújo.