Bolo de cenoura de liquidificador

Blender carrot cake

This delicious blender carrot cake recipe is very easy and quick to make. And it will make snack time more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a quick and easy cake recipe, blender carrot cake is perfect. Well, besides being very simple to make, it is delicious. Mainly, if accompanied by chocolate sauce. On the other […]

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torta de sardinha de liquidificador

Sardinha Pie In Blender

The blender sardine pie uses simple ingredients and can be served for lunch or a snack and even on special occasions. Simple and tasty, the blender sardine pie is a practical recipe for lunch or an afternoon snack. Furthermore, it can also be served on special occasions. Anyway, easy to prepare, it only takes 30 […]

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Bolo de maçã

Blender apple cake

Blender apple cake is one of those traditional grandma cakes that everyone loves. Tasty, easy to make and very fluffy. Perfect to complement breakfast or afternoon, blender apple cake is a tasty recipe, easy to make and very fluffy. Furthermore, this recipe has a childhood flavor, as it is another one of those traditional grandmother’s […]

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