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Sumo Squat: what it’s for (and how to do it)


The sumo squat is a leg exercise that helps work the quadriceps, glutes and inner thigh, as well as helping to strengthen the abdominal region and back, as they are activated throughout the movement.

This exercise can be done with your own body weight or using a dumbbell, kettlebell or barbell. Furthermore, to increase the range of movement, it may also be recommended that the person climbs onto a step, making the complete movement and trying to move the dumbbell over the step line.

It is important that the sumo squat is part of a lower limb training routine recommended by a physical education professional. Check out other leg exercise options.

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What is it for

Sumo squats are used for:

  • Increase leg strength and resistance;
  • Strengthen the inner thighs;
  • Promote hypertrophy of the quadriceps, which are the muscles at the front of the thigh;
  • Strengthen the glutes;
  • Promote muscle definition in the legs;
  • Reduce pressure on the spine, as it is easier to maintain posture while performing the movement;
  • Improve mobility and flexibility.

To ensure the benefits of sumo squats, it is important that this exercise is part of a

How to make

To do the sumo squat, you must follow the following step by step:

  1. Spread your legs apart, positioning them wider than your hips;
  2. Leave the tips of your feet slightly positioned outward;
  3. Perform the squat movement, keeping your abdomen contracted and dropping your hips down until it goes slightly above the knee line;
  4. Then, stretch your legs and perform the movement again.

To increase the intensity of the exercise, it may be recommended that the person stands on a step, placing one foot on each step, as this makes it possible to increase the range of movement. Furthermore, it can be advised that the exercise is done at a cadence, that is, that the descent is slower and the ascent is faster, this way it is possible to increase the intensity of muscular work.

Sumo squat with dumbbell

Sumo squats with dumbbells are recommended when you can do the exercise with your own body weight without difficulty. To do it with a dumbbell, you can hold the dumbbell at your chest or at your waist, keeping your arms straight, this position being recommended when using steps to increase the amplitude.

In addition to doing it with a dumbbell, you can also do the sumo squat with a kettlebell, which must be held in front of the body or at the waist, in the same way as the dumbbell.

Sumo squat with barbell

To do the sumo squat with the bar, you must position your leg and feet and squat to grab the bar that is positioned on the floor. Then, keeping your abdomen contracted, force yourself to lift the weight off the floor and then begin to perform the sumo squat moment.