suggestions on where to eat fish in Rio and SP

Suggestions on where to eat fish in Rio and SP

South America

May 2nd is Tuna Day! The date was created in 2011 by the countries that signed the Nauru Agreement, to celebrate fishermen and people involved in fish conservation. In addition to being delicious (we love it!), it is a food with high nutritional value, has a low level of fat and is also rich in proteins and vitamins A, B and D, omega 3, calcium, potassium, and so on. . It can be consumed in different ways, whether raw, sealed, canned, or in cold and hot recipes. Therefore, we made a list with suggestions on where to eat fish in restaurants in Rio and SP! Take the opportunity to also read our gastronomic itinerary of Ipanema and the new Il Capitale, at Oscar Freire.

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Tuna Day

Rio de Janeiro


At the flexitarian restaurant, one of the starters is raw tuna kebab, curd with wasabi and mint served with chapati bread (R$ 45). Meanwhile, in the main section, Tuna with black rice (R$ 88) is semi-grilled with nori seaweed and served with mango tartare, wasabi curd and green olive oil.

End: Rua Joana Angélica, 184 – Ipanema

Tuna with black rice


The Italian restaurant suggests, in the antipasti section, the Tonno-Passione (R$52), seared tuna fillet, miso-passion fruit reduction, curd, grilled chives and pistachios. Among the main dishes, the Tono-Rossini (R$ 148), grilled tuna tataki, baroa rôtie, foie gras and salsa alla Rossini.

End: Rua Barão da Torre, 632 – Ipanema


Bão Affective Cuisine

Under the command of award-winning chef Kiko Faria, in Copacabana, the suggestion is the classic Niçoise Salad (R$49) with fresh tuna. The fish is sealed with a mix of cherry tomato leaves, boiled potatoes, boiled egg, French beans and house-made red onion pickles.

End: Rua Raimundo Correa, 10 – About Store 201 – Copacabana

Niçoise Salad

Iron and Flour

New York chef Sei Shiroma created Tokyo Style Tuna (R$54), a pizza with tomato sauce, raw fish slices, marinated garlic and tomatoes and house-made oyster-based mayonnaise.

End: Rua Dias Ferreira, 48 – Leblon. Rua Arnaldo Quintela, 23 – Botafogo

Tokyo Style


The fish is also a hit in one of the dishes at the Italian restaurant at the Hotel Fasano Rio. Part of the restaurant's fixed menu, the tuna fillet in a sesame and thyme crust (R$142) is served with a “marsala” sauce.

End: Avenida Vieira Souto, 80 – Rio de Janeiro

In fact, this Tuna Fillet looks delicious!

Gero Panini

In the Fasano Group's restaurant with a young and relaxed atmosphere, the fish appears in the Tramezzino Romano (R$55). Miga bread, which has a super light and crustless dough, is filled with tuna, boiled egg, pickles, leaves, tomato and mayonnaise.

End: Rua Aníbal de Mendonça, 157 – Ipanema

Roman sandwich

Jappa da Quitanda

On the menu at the Japanese restaurant in Ipanema, the suggestion is Tuna Joy with Foie Gras (R$36 – 2 units).

End: Rua Barão da Torre, 422, Ipanema

Foie Gras with tuna

Juliette Bistro

At Rio Design Leblon, the bistro suggests Casa Daniel – seared tuna with risoni beurre blanc and lemon zest (R$59). Certainly a good choice!

End: Rio Design Leblon – Av. Ataulfo ​​de Paiva, 270 / 3rd Floor – Leblon

Daniel House

Kitchen Asian Food

With contemporary Asian cuisine and a menu designed by chef Nao Hara, the Kitchen serves fish in several versions, including Tuna em 3 Tempos 2022 (R$49), one of the house's favorites. The dish has three variations of tuna: sashimi with ikura, semi-sealed tuna with foie gras and in a sesame crust under teriyaki cream milk, shelled pistachios and tapioca cubes.

3 versions

Atlantic Marine

At Posto 6, in Copacabana, the gastrobar offers salad options to Nicewhich includes tuna, mixed greens, tomatoes, boiled egg, red onion, green beans and olives (R$55).

End: Av. Atlântica, 4206 – store A – Copacabana

Niçoise Salad


The Japanese cuisine delivery, led by Marcel Nagayama, offers an extensive selection of dishes with fish on the menu. Like, for example, the traditional Maguro Nuta (R$55), with slices of tuna sealed with a spicy miso-based sauce and cured egg yolk.

End: Rua Rainha Guilhermina, nº 95 – store A, Leblon. Phone/Whatsapp (delivery): (21) 3807-9217/ (21) 99855-9595

Maguro Nuta


In traditional Japanese style, chef Raul Ono's suggestion is light and refreshing Tuna Poke Snack (R$50). It is served with fish cubes, sweet corn, red onion, finger pepper and edamame in oriental sauce, with rice chips.

End: Av. das Américas 3,900 – Barra da Tijuca – Village Mall.

Not Magic!

Created by nutritionist Patricia Davidson in partnership with chef Ronaldo Canha, the healthy eating project features recipes prepared using fresh, selected ingredients. Among them, for example, is the semi-raw tuna in a seed crust, with vegetable julienne and smoked wasabi aioli (R$ 68).

Orders via the link or Ifood.

Tuna semi raw


Overlooking Pedra da Gávea, a good option on the menu is the Cured Tuna with rapadura teriyaki, toasted chives, cassava puree and curd cheese croutons (R$ 94). Certainly a dish that is a hit with customers!

End: Rua Mário Ribeiro, 410 – Leblon

Cured tuna

São Paulo


At the Brazilian bistro, chef Carla Pernambuco serves the fish in two versions. For starters, the Crispy Rice Tuna, a crispy Japanese rice snack with tuna tartare (R$ 67). As for the main, Black Rub Tuna is a cold dish in which the fish is wrapped in a rub of spices, lightly sealed, and served with a mix of quinoa, roasted tomatoes, pickled red onion, snow peas, avocado cream and egg. perfect (R$110).

End: Rua Sergipe, 753 – Higienópolis

tuna day
Crispy Rice Tuna

Europe House

There is certainly no shortage of fish dishes on the menu. Therefore, among the suggestions, highlights include the tuna crudo with truffle salsa and aioli and the diced tuna with sweet potato puree, split peas and tomato sweet grape.

End: Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 726 – Jardim Américo

tuna day
With sweet potato puree


In the restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine, there are delicious options for recipes using fish. Highlight for the crispy rice with nori in the shape of “Cannoli” stuffed with Toro Tuna tartar, tartar mayo and coriander. In addition, there is also the Tuna Bun (R$ 36), a mini tuna burger with wagyu fat, grilled foie gras, sweet miso and thai mayo.

End: R. Urussui, 330 – Itaim Bibi

by diancing

Conde's Grocery Store

Maddalena Stasi's restaurant has a variety of dishes that combine Brazilian style and oriental touches. Among them, therefore, there is the Tuna Tartar (R$ 52) in tapioca beiju with wasabi and sprouts.

tuna day

Bar 474

The gastrobar with Spanish roots has several fish dishes. Therefore, highlights include the Algarve-style onion tuna (R$34), the seared tuna salad with assorted greens, boiled egg and green beans (R$68) and the grilled steak (200G- R$74) with a separate side dish.

End: Rua Maria Carolina, 474

tuna day
Algarve-style onion tuna


On this 2nd, the Japanese restaurant offers the Tuna Festival, a carvery with sashimi and special sushi made with the fish. Therefore, among the options are semi-grilled tuna with sesame beetroot sprouts and massago orange roe; grilled tuna loin with pistachio crust and tuna carpaccio with truffle oil.

End:: R. Jamanari, 40 – Morumbi

tuna day
Sashimi de Atum

Truffle shop San Paolo

The restaurant specializing in truffles suggests the Carpaccio di Tonno con Stracciatella di Burrata, the tuna carpaccio with burrata stracciatella and arugula, and the Truffle Carpaccio (R$59). Certainly great choices!

End: R. Oscar Freire, 155 – Jardim Paulista

tuna day
Carpaccio of tuna

By Duda Vetere.

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