Simple and cheap recipe for making coconut oil at home

Simple and cheap recipe for making coconut oil at home


Want to give your pocket a break? So learn this simple and cheap recipe to make coconut oil at home, without any difficulty:

As you may have already seen, frequent use of coconut oil brings countless benefits to the skin, lips, hair and is even on the list of nutritionists' new favorites. The only thing that isn't so great is the price of the product.

But that will no longer be a problem, now you can enjoy all the benefits as you will learn how to make coconut oil at home!

The All Nigerian Recipes channel taught you how to make oil at home in an easy way, with the advantage of having more nutrients and with a high chance of being purer.

On top of that, you will also save a lot of money, as you will only use 3 dried coconuts. If you do a search, you will find cheap coconut!

How to make coconut oil at home

1. Remove the coconut water

To open the fruit, hit the hammer until it cracks. After part of the shell comes off, use a knife to make a hole and fill it with water.

2. Peel the coconut

After removing the water, remove all the brown skin with a knife.

3. Wash and cut the coconut

Wash the fruit and cut into small pieces.

5. Blend in a blender

Add minimal water, just the amount needed to beat. Use warm or hot water.

6. Strain everything

Use a sieve to strain. Squeeze the remaining juice through the sieve. Then take the juice and blend again to extract more milk. Strain again. Save the solid part to use in another recipe.

Pass the liquid through a cloth again to remove any solid parts.

7. Refrigerate

In a container with a lid, store the liquid in the refrigerator overnight. Note that the oil separates from the milk. Remove the solid parts that will become the oil.

8. Beat to emulsify

Dry the pieces and use a mixer to turn them into a creamy oil.

At this stage, more liquid will probably come out. Remove any remaining water.

Store in the refrigerator to preserve the oil.

Did you like the recipe? Below, in the video, you can see the detailed recipe so you don't miss any steps when you try to reproduce it at home:

Now, just to make sure you really understand, in this other video you learn how to make different coconut oil, with the texture of olive oil. This, in fact, is suitable for high temperatures, such as 180°C:

Seriously, that was quite a tip, right?

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