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Residential garden: 85 photos with types, sizes and ideas for caprice in your

House and garden

Residential garden – What a delight to spend a few minutes every afternoon in a garden, in the company of a very good book. Can you imagine? This is one of the benefits of well thought-out residential gardens. In addition to being beautiful, they become true urban oases – ideal spaces to relax and even live family moments.

It doesn’t matter if the garden is small or large. Regardless of the size, you can transform it with some decorating tricks. The same is to choose your favorite: there are many plants, styles of décor and furniture to bet on! In the end, what will dictate your choices is the function you want to give to the environment and your own personality.

With this in mind, we have prepared a list filled with inspirations. All accompanied by tips to guide you in creating your own garden. Keep reading!

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Jardim residencial

Tricks to decorate small residential garden

We start by talking about them: the leaner garden of films. Don’t think that because they’re small they have less potential than big ones, you see?

Here, we apply the logic of the apartment balconies. On a huge balcony, you can even create an outdoor living room with sofa, gourmet area and more. However, this does not mean that the vertical garden, the hammock and the breeze that passes through the small balcony are less special.

Jardim residencial

And have you ever thought about having a garden at home that not only beauts the decoration, but also serves for a purpose? This is the purpose of the functional garden.

It can be therapeutic, nutritious and even sensory. Learn more in Functional Landscaping that unites beauty with a purpose. With plants and herbs that are also spices, make tea or fruit, in addition to many charming tips!

Jardim residencial

1. Create lean relaxed corners

Cantinho de descanso em jardim residencial

Enjoy the little corners – literally – to create a special space of relaxation. You just need a bank and a support. In the first photo, the wooden structure fulfills both functions. And as the tray suggests, this little piece of the garden is one of the residents’ favorite spaces for an outdoor breakfast.

To relax…

2. 2. Use wooden stairs as vertical gardens

Acessórios tipo escada para jardim residencial pequeno

Its goal is to grow more plants, but lacks useful space to the floor? Don’t worry, your garden can also be vertical.

The construction staircase supports, but in wood, are super high. They can house flower pots or aromatic herbs. So you get not only beautiful but useful plants — and you can relax with a mint tea grown by yourself.

3. Make your own vertical garden with pallets

You may have noticed the popularity of pallet DIYs. Well, they are also a raw material and so much to start a vertical garden. In the video below, Maddu Magalhões teaches you step by step. One of the great advantages is that they are super-tapped!

To complete the vegetable garden, Maddu even painted part of the pallets with slate paint. They serve to inform which plants are there.

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4. 4. Invest in DIYs with unusual objects

Jardins verticais diferentes
Frames of succulents and creative pots for plants

In houses whose only outdoor space is a corridor, the vertical gardens are a hand on the wheel. A different way to take advantage of your own wall to make yours is to invest in unusual objects.

The frames, for example, make the plants you have chosen look like a gallery! In them, the most suitable is to put mosses, succulents and other small plants.

The biggest advantage is that plants are very practical. Learn more about them in Succulent Garden, where you will find many stylish ideas cheap and easy to care for, with 47 inspirational photos to give that special touch in the decoration of your garden and also learn making pictures and other objects with succulent plants.

Aluminum pipes and cans can also be completely transformed to compose a garden. In this case, they house slightly larger plants. Just don’t forget: every vessel needs drainage. So they must have holes in the underside, okay?

Succulent plants are very high in decoration. They are beautiful and easy to care for!

5. . 5. Use mirrors in small residential garden

Jardim residencial estreito com espelho

We are already used to using mirrors to bring the sense of amplitude to the interior of the house. Why not try the technique in the garden too? The trick is especially true if you have a pergoing or some recoil — architectural solutions that bring light protection against rain.

That way, narrow gardens will look a little bigger than they really are!

Tips for every size of garden

Some tips are worth any garden — from big to small. It’s what we’ll talk about now!

1. Don’t underestimate the power of the vessels

Jardins com vasos grandes de cerâmica

How about decoveting your backyard with large vases? They can have several formats. The most interesting thing is to combine various widths and varying heights! Some of them may even be empty, as in the image on the right. Then just mix crawler flowers, small shrubs and trees. You get a dynamic aesthetic!

The solution takes up a certain space. However, it does well in a leaner garden as long as it is not narrow, for example. Now, in large residential gardens, it is ideal to value one of the corners. Meanwhile, in the other there may be a wooden table or even a pool.

2. 2. Install a pergola and a swing in your residential garden!

Móveis para jardins residenciais

The pergoados — wooden slatted structures that delimit covered areas in the backyards and gardens — are very useful in the decoration. Beneath them, you can create an external living room with table, vases and sofa without so much concern about climate change.

Do you know what else you can take advantage of your pergola to create? A swing! Children love this addition in residential gardens. The armchair models, with support for the back and even cushion, are even better. With them, adults can also enjoy outdoor moments reading a good book, for example. It is guaranteed relaxation!

In this garden, with an oriental footprint

Pergoados wooden are always charming

Here, a rustic touch

Pergoed support for climb plants

Orchid or greenhouse for plants

Fountain and pergola

Pergoed to networks

Stylish networks

Networks for enjoying lazy

Other alternatives for garden hammocks

Taking advantage of a corner of the garden for the hammocks

3. Decorate the floor with a path of stones or wood

Generally, when we see the room of backyards and gardens, the garden is just a bed. The rest of the space is paved, with tiles on the floor. Do it differently! Prioritize the green landscape.

To create paths in your garden, and avoid contact with mud on rainy days, invest in stones. There are different types that make the garden even more beautiful.

Móveis para jardins residenciais

In the photos above, you see more examples of this type of decoration. The grass is prevalent in the first image, giving way to a stone flowerbed that contains pots and a little tables — where the resident probably eats breakfast or afternoon.

Already in the second image, the bricks stand out. However, the appearance is rustic and has a lot of harmony with the trees and plants – which are on the ground, in pots and even climbing through the walls.

And look at it: both spaces have swings! Proof of how good the previous tip is.

Path and decoration with stones

Another idea for path of stones or wood and grass.

Another idea of wooden path using pebbles

4. 4. Types of residential garden furniture

The key point about this type of garden, in addition to your decorative preferences, is the type of furniture you will use in it. Nothing prevents you from creating a second room outdoors if you wish — but it’s very important to pay attention to the qualities of the parts you’ll buy.

This is because the furniture for outdoors needs specific features to resist the weather. And we don’t just talk about rain: intense sun, for example, is also a factor that can influence the deterioration of your furniture.

However, have you decided that in the place of the garden, you want something for the family to enjoy the Sundays? See: Small gourmet backyard: 25 images to raze in decoration. In addition to barbecues, with 25 models inside and outside the home! And also Gourmet barbecue area: tips and photos of inspiration to decorate yours.

Inspiration of furniture for open environments

So when choosing a table, sofa or pouf, for example, look for those more resistant and durable. In addition to wood — which is usually a good order for any space in the house — prefers synthetic fibers. Metals? Only with anti-rust treatment!

Already the fabrics of your sofa, armchairs and benches must always be waterproofed. Vinyl, nautical leather and acrylic are good requests.

Jardins residenciais tipo living externo

The choice of furniture becomes more practical, it is true, when they are under a pergola. In this case, you can bet even on a carpet. But it must also be resistant materials, right? No fuzzy carpets or fragile fabrics! Especially if he is reasonably close to the pool.

Jardim residencial com piscina e churrasqueira

Benches of wood or cement, a great order

Inspiration of wooden furniture for residential garden

Cushions in waterproof fabrics, are also a good alternative to bring a colorful touch to the residential garden

Plants and wood

Deck of wood

Predominance of the green

Eastern Inspiration

5. . 5. Now just need to light your garden

The next step in the “decorated garden” mission is capricious in enlightenment. Let’s get to the point: nowadays, the most recommended model of light for outdoor gardens is LED. In addition to having a long service life, it is a kind of more modern lighting, which does not heat up. Therefore, if you are close to the plants, you do not offer any risk of harming them. As a bonus, it can still be colorful!

In addition to it, you can also invest in fiber optics — with the advantage of dispensing electric transmission.

Why should you light up your residential garden?

The residential garden light fulfills two very important functions. The first of these is, in fact, to illuminate the necessary spaces – such as the paths and the rest areas, so that they can be accessed even at night.

The second is to value and highlight architectural characteristics of the house and the beauty of plants. Some lights, for example, may be facing walls. As a result, you have a scenic lighting that will highlight their tone and textures. If the wall is clear, the light still reflects slightly back to the rest of the environment.

Practical Tips for Lighting Residential Gardens

This type of project should always be done with a responsible professional. After all, you will be messing with the power grid—which all care is little. Guaranteed this, you can talk to the professional and invest in more than one type of lighting.

Exemplos de iluminação uplight e backlight em jardins

One of them is the backlight — also known as retro lighting. Here, the lamps are directed behind something. It could be a tree, a movable…

There is also what we call uplight. In this case, the luminaire stays on the floor – the model can be embedded or be a little elevated. It creates a “holofote” effect on the featured object or plant. Both effects have quite different results, evident by the photos above!

Apart from these tricks, you will also have general lighting. It ensures that the entire space is well lit out regardless of the scenic effects created. Here, you can also bet on different luminaires — and even flash-clinked lights, which leave the playful environment.

Enjoy and check out 30 models of luminaire that are decoration trends. They can inspire you!

lluminação geral em jardins residenciais

Then you just enjoy how nice it is to decorate! Invest in prints you love, fill the spaces of the vayard and capriche in the light. Little by little, you create your dream garden!

Lighted garden

Alternatives for those who do not want grass

For places with warmer temperatures to grass can be a laborious alternative, so an interesting option is to replace it with pebbles!

In the images an alternative for those who do not want to have grams for finding more work. Mix of various stones facilitates in the care time.

Garden made with vases and pebbles in place of lawn

Residential garden with swimming pools and fountains

Small garden with pool

Oriental gardens

Gardens with lake for carp

The lakes always bring an idyllic landscape that inspires peace

the Japanese garden

Enjoy the trees, they are wonderful

Garden with modern footprint

Fountains and statues

Sources bring that relaxing water noise

The statues give an artistic touch to the garden

Reduced corners

However small the space, some plants will already bring nature home

Projects of garden landscaping

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