Renting an apartment: 6 tips to use during the inspection

Renting an apartment: 6 tips to use during the inspection

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Most people who are going to live alone prefer to have an apartment as their first home, some of the reasons being: size, price and security. So, if you’ve already found your new home and need some tips on what to do during the inspection, you’re in the right place!

Real estate agencies must inspect all apartments they rent so that there is no loss during the rental contract for both the property owner and the tenant.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to small details so that there are no future charges. Therefore, we have separated the main tips that you will need when carrying out the inspection. Additionally, we will talk about:

  • What is an apartment inspection?
  • What to do during an apartment inspection?
  • How long does an apartment inspection take?

Therefore, don’t forget to take a printout of the main tips to create a sort of checklist on the day of the inspection. Good reading!

What is an apartment inspection?

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Basically, the inspection is a procedure carried out before and after the move in which a surveyor carries out an investigation to see if everything is ok in the rental. Therefore, this process is only carried out after hiring the location.

This report certifies the condition of the property and furniture (if any). In this way, it works as a guarantee that the apartment is delivered to the owner exactly as he received it.

For example, during an inspection a leak may be found in the kitchen pipe. In this case, the owner of the apartment will be responsible for carrying out this concert before the move-in date or he will leave this maintenance to the tenant, with this being deducted from the value of the first rent.

In general, this condition will depend on the type of contract. However, if this detail is only noticed after the move, the owner may claim that it was you who burst the pipe and, therefore, leave this maintenance to you.

This same procedure will be carried out after the contract expires to see if you will deliver the apartment exactly as you received it. Therefore, below you will see which points you will need to pay attention to during the inspection.

What to do during an apartment inspection?

When entering a rented apartment, the inspector usually carries out this inspection alone. However, during the exit inspection, according to broker Fernanda Vendrame Ferreira (CRECI 168598), it is important for the tenant or landlord to follow along.

This is because in this inspection it is possible that the inspector finds a defect that was already present during the entry inspection. Thus, the broker or tenant can argue with the surveyor so that there is no undue charge.

The professional also explains what points are checked during an inspection, be it entry or exit:

“The inspection is thorough, they check paintings, walls, floors, floors, tiles, locks, doors, windows, socket mirrors, furniture (if available), power, water, etc.”, explains the broker.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the inspection document is included as an annex to the contract and is delivered to the renter on the day of key collection.

Apartment inspection.
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How long does an apartment inspection take?

According to Fernanda, the inspection takes around two days to complete. This is because in addition to visiting the property, the surveyor makes a written report and photographs.

Of course, this period may vary according to the size of the property and the situation in which it finds itself. Therefore, the secret is to take your time and let everything be observed as thoroughly as possible.

6 tips to use in the inspection

1. Entry inspection report

When entering the property, use the report delivered by the broker as a checklist to check whether the technical assessment is in accordance with the real conditions of the property.

This includes, for example: walls, doors, floors, electrical and hydraulic installations, swimming pool, service area, leisure area, garden, furniture, among others.

2. Check the walls

The wall section in the inspection report must contain the material it is made of (wood, masonry, etc.) and paint used. Therefore, every detail matters, from the name of the color and the finish, such as glossy or matte, to the texture made and possible damage.

Therefore, many lease contracts prohibit the tenant from drilling into the wall. After all, when you remove the decorative item, a hole will be left in the space.

Man handing over keys after inspection.
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3. Check the electrical and hydraulic part

Whether it’s time to rent an apartment or return it, it’s important to test the entire system to make sure there’s nothing wrong.

For the electrical part, many people usually take a hairdryer or cell phone charger to test in the sockets. Furthermore, another very important point is to check the shower, if it is included in the property. Therefore, check that it is heating as it should and that there is no leakage of any kind.

Testing the flush and all taps in the house is also important.

4. Test latches and locks

This requirement may seem like a simple detail, but it makes all the difference in keeping your home safe. So don’t be shy about checking that all of them are working when you enter the house. After all, if the door has a lock defect, this problem will need to be resolved as quickly as possible.

5. Don’t forget the furniture

If you rent a furnished apartment, know that you will need to hand it over as soon as you picked it up. In other words, if any piece of furniture is damaged, it will need to be replaced. Features also count.

Therefore, if a handle is loose or a drawer track is binding, it is the renter’s responsibility to make all of these repairs.

Furthermore, it is worth checking the entry inspection report to see if there are any scratches, chips or any other type of defect in any furniture.

6. Avoid unforeseen events

Even before the inspection, you can go through the rooms of the apartment to check that everything is ok. This will give you time to fix any irregularities before the official inspection. Furthermore, it is a great strategy to avoid unexpected expenses when handing over the keys.

Rented apartment.
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The inspection is an essential procedure when entering and leaving a rented apartment. After all, it is a method that offers security to both the renter and the property owner that the apartment will be returned in the same way it was delivered.

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