estampa arco-íris é tendência no verão 2019

Rainbow print is a trend for summer 2019


The rainbow print was introduced to the fashion world on the catwalks of major brands.

Know how to add it to your productions with style and good taste.

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Have you noticed that the colorful stripes pattern has become a recurring feature in your social media feed?

The rainbow print, or rainbow stripes, was introduced to the fashion world on the catwalks of major brands, from luxury to patterned pieces, to fluid and fresh pieces, perfect for summer.

Below, you can check out some really cool tips on how to add this print to your outfits with style and good taste.

It has inspiration for everyday looks and work outfits.

So, how about starting to make your looks more colorful now?

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Tips on how to wear the rainbow print in summer 2019

rainbow print is a trend for summer 2019

The colorful stripes went straight from the catwalks to street style.

Those who like creative and stylish looks can’t miss the tips below on how to include this pattern in their productions.

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Saias midi

Source: ADDICFASHION; Mulpix; Deskgram

Although the rainbow print may have stripes in other directions, the tip is to look for pieces with vertical stripes that are more popular and that also lengthen the silhouette.

Midi skirts, made of lightweight fabrics that are looser to the body, are perfect for the hottest days of 2019.

Since the skirt has many colors, it is interesting to opt for plain pieces for the top part of the look.

Complementing the look with a white shirt, you can take it to casual Friday at the office.

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Rainbow print dresses are a trend for summer 2019
Source: Mariana Olympio Store

The rainbow print looks very interesting when it is present on dresses.

The coolest thing is that there are options for all tastes and styles, from midi dresses fitted to the body, to wrap dresses that are also a trend for summer 2019.

For an outfit with a sensual touch, the tip is to complete the look with strappy sandals; for a more street look, opt for white sneakers.

You can even make it more sophisticated by adding a blazer on top.

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Short dresses

Rainbow print dresses are a trend for summer 2019
Source: Pinterest

It is possible to add the colorful explosion of this print, also to short dresses.

The gradient effect is great for those who want to innovate and really have a piece that resembles the rainbow.

Complementary accessories must be in basic colors so as not to ‘fight’ with the print.

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Rainbow print pants are a trend for summer 2019
Fonte: Pinterest; AliExpress; Zinzane

The most colorful pattern in summer 2019 looks can also appear on pants.

Choose pants with a looser shape to the body, as tight-fitting pieces can highlight the body’s volume.

Note that, in tight-fitting pieces, the stripes can end up creating a parentheses effect ().

Pantacourt pants also ‘match’ very well with the trend of colorful stripe prints.

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Rainbow print jumpsuit is a trend for summer 2019
Source: eBay;; Fado Fashion Store

Vertical stripes become even more powerful when printed on a single piece such as a jumpsuit.

They lengthen the silhouette and have an elegance that allows you to go to the office.

But be careful, when going to the office, complement your look with pumps and choose pieces with more structured fabrics.

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Choose your favorite piece and join the rainbow print trend.

Colorful stripes can be used in outfits for different occasions in your daily life, just choose a piece that matches your personal style.

The best way to use trends is to add your own touch!

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