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Quarantine and adoption


Quarantine has been a challenging period for the entire population, routines were completely changed and habits needed to be adapted to the new reality. Isolation has brought a new worldview, the perception of needs is being progressively changed, and at the same time that we discover how adaptable we are, we share a feeling, longing. We miss living life with the usual freedom and sharing our days with the people we love and who we cannot see at the moment.

Within this scenario, we are finding ways to make the days lighter, and anyone who is already a pet owner knows how they help control our anxiety, and this is one of the main reasons for the number of adoptions to grow during the quarantine.

According to NGOs and animal protectors, the demand for dogs and cats increased by up to 50% during quarantine. In addition to the search for receiving a pet as a temporary home, for people who want to take care of the furry animals until they are adopted.

Adopting a pet involves a series of responsibilities and the future guardian needs to be aware, so he and the pet will have a quality and lasting coexistence.

Check out the main precautions you need to take before taking a furry one home.

Animal history

Research the pet you are wanting to adopt, generally the institutions that connect you with the pet already have a large amount of information. Having this data makes it easier to know if the pet will adapt to your lifestyle, your family’s profile and your personality, after all, you will be great friends.


Make sure you have the necessary space to house the new member of the family, the larger the animal, the more space it will need. He will need a corner all to himself, with his bed, water fountain, food bowl, bathroom and of course to play.

In addition to the physical factor, you as a guardian will need to provide quality of life for this pet, so make sure that it has a good diet, so that it expends energy and exercises its body and also that it has medical support.

Physical and emotional health

Just like us, pets also need to maintain a certain routine for them to have a healthy development, so monitoring the veterinarian to know exactly how the animal’s health is is essential.

With medical advice, you will be able to give the correct treatment to prevent numerous diseases, control fleas and ticks and offer longevity to your furry friend. Puppies require a lot of care and more frequent visits to the veterinarian, as do animals that are at their prime.

Another important point is to offer regular walks, so that the pet exercises both physically and cognitively, after all, contact with the world and with other animals helps it to develop several positive and important behaviors for life. Remembering that during the quarantine period, if you are going out with your pet, take all hygiene precautions when returning home, cleaning their paws and fur.

If you have another animal at home, introduce the new resident gradually and always pay attention to coexistence, adaptation will be easier during this quarantine period as you spend more time at home.

Above all else, never act on impulse, after all, it is a little life. Depending on the pet you adopt, it will have an average of 12 years of life, so make sure you and your family are ready to receive this pet and that everyone is committed to taking care of it too.

Rest assured that adopting a pet will bring you a lot of happiness, and that it will be your companion, during this quarantine and when everything is over!