Powerful Hydration Formula that Stimulates Hair Growth and Ends Frizz

Powerful Hydration Formula that Stimulates Hair Growth and Ends Frizz


Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to learn how to make a hhydration that stimulates hair growth and also eliminates frizz?

Don’t just think about it, because this type of hydration exists and you can do it at home.

Below we will teach you step by step how to do this hydration and leave your locks still well cared for and beautiful.

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Hydration with coffee

Powerful Hydration Formula that Stimulates Hair Growth and Ends Frizz

One of the benefits that this type of homemade hydration offers is that it adds more shine to your locks.

Your hair will still be softer and have beautiful movement.

See how to use coffee to provide hydration that stimulates hair growth and controls frizz

This hydration will make your hair even more powerful and full of life. Check the necessary ingredients below.


1 tablespoon of coffee

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon of sugar

2 tablespoons of moisturizing cream (your choice)

How to make

All ingredients must be mixed so that they are homogeneous.


To provide this hydration that stimulates hair growth, it is necessary to wash the locks before the process using the shampoo of your choice.

Using a towel, remove excess water and then apply the homogeneous mixture to the hair, which should be divided into strands.

Massage each strand of your hair well.

To enhance the results, use a thermal cap and wait for 40 minutes to act.

Rinse your strands well with plenty of water and finally condition the locks with the product of your choice.

Finish the wash by rinsing out the conditioner.

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You can do this moisturizing once a week so that your locks grow at an accelerated rate and frizz becomes a thing of the past.

Your hair will be much more aligned and behaved.

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Bonus Tips

Below we list some more tips to make your hair more hydrated and with less frizz. Check out and apply these tips in your daily life!


The moisturizing process consists of applying vegetable oils to the locks to leave them with more movement and shine.

One of the main benefits of this type of hydration with vegetable oils is to ensure that the hair eliminates frizz at the roots.

You can find product options that offer practical packaging for moisturizing with oils.

The tip is to carry out the process at least twice a week to ensure goodbye to frizz.

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Anti-frizz finishers

If, despite following all the tips we’ve given, your hair is still rebellious and showing frizz, the tip is to use the appropriate finishing products to control unruly locks.

Good options are finishers with silicone and argan oil in their composition. This type of finisher covers the hair, keeping it straight and static.

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Thermal protectors

These are products that help protect hair during processes that involve heat, such as blow-drying or straightening.

The product creates a protective layer for the locks that prevents the heat from removing water, leaving the hair standing up. A very smart way to avoid frizz.

Try the hydration that stimulates hair growth and follow the tips to control frizz in your locks, the result will be the hair you always dreamed of.

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