Receita de polenta

Polenta recipe


Polenta is a very easy recipe to make and is wonderful, even more so when accompanied with a ground meat sauce.

A polenta It is a traditional recipe from Italian cuisine, but it ended up being incorporated in several other places, such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, etc. With a cornmeal base, this dish is often eaten with sauces and is delicious.

Therefore, the polenta recipe, which is extremely simple, is also a great option to make for Sunday lunch and even for dinner. A good accompaniment to polenta is a ground meat sauce with tomato sauce, but you can serve it with any sauce of your choice,

Anyway, The preparation time is just 30 minutes and makes a large portion.

polenta recipe


Preparation mode

  1. First, let's make the polenta base. Then, in a pan, add the water, add the salt and butter.
  2. Cook over high heat until it boils.
  3. When it starts to boil, add the cornmeal and stir constantly to avoid lumps forming.
  4. So, let the polenta cook over low heat for about 30 minutes.
  5. After this time, transfer the polenta to a bowl or dish and it is ready to serve with your preferred sauce.

Tips for preparing polenta

  • As we saw above, preparing polenta is very simple. However, it is important to stir well to avoid lumps and ruining the recipe, even during cooking.. A good tip is to use a whisk or whisk for this.
  • It is also important to add the cornmeal little by little to avoid lumps.
  • So, to know if you are at the right point it is important Watch when it starts to thicken and come off the bottom.
  • To give a special touch to the dish, you can add a pinch of nutmeg at the end.
  • Furthermore, You can also sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese on top when serving.
  • In fact, a great sauce option to serve with polenta is a ground beef bolognese sauce.. It is actually the most common combination of polenta.
  • But you can also serve the polenta with sausage ragu, which we have already taught here at the Women's Area.

So, did you enjoy learning how to make polenta? Therefore, you will also enjoy learning how to make homemade tomato sauce to freeze.

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