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Pineapple juice for menstrual cramps


Pineapple juice is an excellent home remedy for menstrual cramps, as pineapple acts as an anti-inflammatory that reduces inflammation of the uterine tissues, reducing constant contractions and relieving menstrual pain.

However, the other ingredients are also crucial to the effectiveness of this home remedy. Ginger, for example, has a similar action to pineapple and, therefore, increases the analgesic effect of menstruation symptoms, while watercress and apple are diuretics, reducing fluid retention in the body and consequently reducing cramps.


  • 1 watercress leaf
  • 3 slices of pineapple
  • ½ green apple
  • 1 slice of ginger
  • 200 ml of water

Preparation mode

Cut all the ingredients into small pieces and add them to the blender. Blend well and after sweetening to your taste, the juice is ready to drink. This home remedy should be taken 3 to 4 times a day to provide better results in pain relief.

Furthermore, what you can do to relieve cramps is to place a warm water bottle on the pelvic area and wear light clothing that does not constrict this area. Drinking plenty of water also helps your period come down more quickly, relieving cramps.

However, when the cramps are really strong and disabling, a gynecologist consultation is recommended to check if there is a problem, such as endometriosis, for example.

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