Personalities and chefs reveal their favorite places and restaurants on São Paulo's birthday in 2022

Personalities and chefs reveal their favorite places and restaurants on São Paulo’s birthday

South America

This Tuesday, January 25th, São Paulo turns 486 years old! The largest Brazilian metropolis brings together attractions for all tastes and ages, as well as excellent restaurants. Therefore, we invited chefs and some personalities to tell us their favorite places and restaurants in the capital of São Paulo. In fact, there are a lot of good tips! Furthermore, check out, at the end of the post, what some houses will offer on São Paulo's birthday, and enjoy the holiday. In fact, also read the new Japanese restaurant in Itaim and the best rooftops in São Paulo.

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Favorite places and restaurants on São Paulo’s birthday

Evaldo Mocarzel, filmmaker

Filmmaker Evaldo highlights the Spot restaurant, which he has been going to since its opening in 1994. “Spot has a typically São Paulo charm, it closes late but no one kicks you out. Furthermore, it is a meeting point for artists and journalists. Other good restaurants are Aska and Kabura, in Liberdade. Aska is simple and has one of the best ramen in São Paulo. Meanwhile, Kabura is another São Paulo heritage, with the best grilled food in the city and a genuinely Japanese atmosphere”, says Evaldo.

“I also love Parque Trianon, in front of MASP, an Atlantic forest reserve right on Avenida Paulista. A place where you can take a good stroll, walk, as well as admire the beautiful statue of the faun, by Victor Brecheret”, adds the filmmaker.

São Paulo's birthday
Evaldo Mocarzel

Felipe Schaedler, chef

The chef at Banzeiro restaurant loves Ibirapuera Park, as well as riding his motorbike, especially on Sunday mornings, on 23 de Maio and other major avenues. “Plus, I love discovering the cafes, bars and restaurants in Pinheiros, on a walk around the neighborhood. And eat whenever possible at Shin Zushi, one of the best Japanese restaurants in São Paulo”, shares the chef.

Boss Felipe

Laura Proença, actress – São Paulo birthday

Carioca actress Laura Proença, who stars in an online presentation of the play “O Santo Inquérito”, this Wednesday (26th), at 9pm, is passionate about São Paulo. She has spent many seasons in the city due to plays on display in the capital of São Paulo. “She lived in SP for four days and three in Rio, because of a boyfriend, at one time. I went to the Wolf Maya acting school”, she recalls, who naturally loves the local cuisine. “I really like going to Gero, taking a nice walk through Ibirapuera Park, I love Vila Madalena and its bars. And to eat a good barbecue, I recommend Fazenda Churrascada, in Morumbi”, she reports.

São Paulo's birthday
Laura Proença

Lúcio Mauro Filho, actor

Certainly a carioca in love with São Paulo. “It’s my second city, so I’m always very happy. Three places I always go to are Casa do Araújo (Vila Mariana) where you can eat wonderfully well, Dalva e Dito, and the Jazz Nos Fundos music venue. In fact, I cannot help but mention my sadness at the end of Love Story, a spectacular Babel in the early hours of Sampa”, says Lucio.

With friends at Casa do Araújo

Monica Salgado, journalist

“The rest of my heart is Brasserie Le Jazz! It's open all day, has a relaxed brasserie atmosphere, a table outside… I feel really at home. The onion soup is phenomenal. Another favorite of mine is Chalezinho, fondue! A traditional place with the feel of a home in the mountains and delicious fondues – the meat and wine fondue and the Lindt fondue are unmissable! In Alphaville, where I live, there is an exceptional new Japanese! Call it Sushi Nouveau and it’s inside Iguatemi Alphaville!”, says Monica. In other words, as we know, there are countless good restaurants in São Paulo.

Monica Salgado

Renata Araújo, journalist – São Paulo’s birthday

Our editor-in-chief Renata Araújo is also a fan of São Paulo and a fan of the air shuttle. “Ever since I set foot there, as a teenager, I fell in love. It’s our New York.” She highlights Casa do Porco, “an essential and surprising restaurant”, as well as Jun Sakamoto, who “makes us feel like we’re in Tokyo, especially at the counter.” Furthermore, in relation to hotels, Renata considers Fasano to be one of the most sophisticated in Brazil, with irreparable service and a formidable restaurant and Unique, an architectural landmark, designed by the late Rui Othake.

São Paulo's birthday
Breakfast at Fasano

Sandra de Sá, singer

In São Paulo, the singer is a fan of Paris 6 and Casa do Porco. “I'm suspicious because my sister-in-law works at Jefferson Rueda's restaurant, but the dishes there are delicious!”, says Sandra. In fact, a great option to celebrate São Paulo’s birthday!

Sandra de Sá

Thalita Rebouças, writer

Thalita is yet another passionate about São Paulo. “I like the city because I can eat VERY WELL in São Paulo wherever I go,” she says. Therefore, she shares her favorites: “Nakka and Matsui, for me two of the best Japanese restaurants in the world”, says Thalita! Therefore, noted!

São Paulo's birthday
Thalita Rebouças – São Paulo’s birthday

Thomas Troisgros, chef

São Paulo is a place where people eat very well, especially compared to Asians. “It also reminds me of New York and the time I lived there”, says the chef at Grupo TT and partner at Chez Claude SP. Thomas chooses his three favorite restaurants: “Tan Tan, in addition to being my favorite place to eat impeccably prepared hot Japanese food, also has an excellent drinks list. A Casa do Porco is a unique house, which offers an extremely creative menu! Finally, Tanit and Nit, two houses that form a piece of Spain in Brazil. You will find typical Spanish dishes as well as modern ideas”, adds Thomas.

São Paulo's birthday
Thomas Troisgros

Wanda Grandi, model

“As I am passionate about nature, Ibirapuera Park is at the top of my list! My house and office are close to the park, so I take my daughter for walks, run, practice yoga and even have a picnic,” says Wanda.

Furthermore, one of his favorite restaurants in São Paulo is the traditional La Tambuille. “The food is delicious and I love the atmosphere, which reminds us of Italian villages. In fact, highlight the crockery, which appears to have been hand painted! Another thing I love is strolling through Shopping Cidade Jardim and having lunch at Makoto, a Japanese restaurant that has always been my favorite in Miami. I also love Parigi, which is on the top floor, with an outdoor area, where we always take Estrella, our daughter”, says Wanda.

São Paulo's birthday

Restaurants with special actions


To celebrate the date, the restaurant included one of the most famous São Paulo classics on its drink menu: Rabo de Galo. The house's bar team created a Rabo de Galo with a touch of Cambuci – another very São Paulo fruit, found on the city's streets – which is available at the house on January 25th to 30th for R$36.

End: Rua Vupabussu, 347 – Pinheiros | Tel.: (11) 2371-798

Animus Rooster's Tail – São Paulo's birthday


The house suggests three pizzas that portray your connection with the birthday girl. Margherita Paulistana (R$59 – individual / R$94 – large), for example, has been on the pizzeria's menu for 23 years and is an interpretation of the original recipe. Paulistana (R$63 – individual / R$99 – large) was created in 2004, precisely to celebrate the date, and gained space on the set menu. Its ingredients were inspired by the color of the São Paulo flag: it contains mozzarella, smoked cheese, tomatoes and black olive shavings.

Rua Vupabussu, 271, Pinheiros, São Paulo, tel.: 3037-7975. Rua Piracuama, 155, Perdizes, São Paulo, tel.: 2366-9894

From São Paulo

Loup – São Paulo’s birthday

To celebrate São Paulo's birthday, until January 31st, the restaurant offers the classic Mortadella Sandwich, with ciabatta bread, mortadella, buffalo mozzarella, sweetgrape tomato confit from the garden, green olive oil and basil leaves (R$47) to share. The suggestion, available for both lunch and dinner, is available at lunch and dinner.

End: R. Dr. Mário Ferraz, 528, Jardim Paulistano. Tel. 11 3078-1089

Bread with mortadella

Grandma Rosa

Chef Carlos Leiva combined a restaurant classic with well-known ingredients on São Paulo's executive menus. O Oxtail wing risotto, aromatic oxtail ragu carnaroli risotto, served with crispy corn with herbs and toasted tomatoes (R$ 62) will be an exclusive option between January 21st and 25th. In fact, a great tip to celebrate São Paulo’s birthday.

End: R. Padre João Manuel, 950 – Jardins, São Paulo – Tel: 2369-5542

Oxtail wing risotto


The restaurant's three units will serve their traditional Beef Picadinho, accompanied with banana farofa, cabbage, rice and black beans. The dish will cost R$49.90 and will be available for delivery.

End: R. dos Pinheiros, 274 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – Tel: 3064-0033. R. Ferreira de Araújo, 419 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – Tel: 2609-6939

Chopped meat


The Japanese restaurant offers a special rotation: the Lobster Festival. Among the dishes, for example, highlights include lobster sashimi in butter and herb sauce, lobster escondidinho, and Salmon Pouché, rolled salmon stuffed with quail egg yolk massaged with truffle oil and massago range roe. The new product will be available for both lunch (R$119) and dinner (R$129).

End: Rua Jamanari, 40 – Morumbi | Tel.: 2579-7777 / 2579-3737

Certainly a good choice to celebrate the birthday of

Terrace Italy

With more than 50 years of history and 160 meters high, on the 25th, the restaurant and viewpoint will offer a visiting experience complete with a tour guide. Therefore, paying R$50, you are entitled to a visit and a drink. It is recommended to book in advance via the website, as places are limited. Opening hours from 3pm to 7pm. Then, the option is to enjoy the Terraço Itália bar, with snacks, a varied drinks menu and musical programming, always at 8:30 pm.

End: Avenida Ipiranga, n°344 – 41° – Centro. Reservations: SP (11) 2189-2929

São Paulo's birthday
Oh bar

By Renata Araújo and Duda Vétere.
Photos: Disclosure, Romero Cruz, Felipe Hannover,