Personal shopper

Personal shopper what is it and what is it for?


The personal shopper is the professional responsible for optimizing the shopping experience and helping to build a smart wardrobe.

A personal shopper is a professional hired to help people make purchases, offering specialized guidance and personalized assistance. They often work closely with customers to understand their preferences, needs and budget, and then use their market knowledge to select products that meet each customer's needs.

Furthermore, these professionals can accompany customers in physical stores or make online purchases on your behalf, ensuring a convenient and efficient shopping experience. In other words: they are a means to buy smarter and more efficiently.

Let's find out more about how these professionals work? Good reading!

What is a personal shopper?

This professional can be an object of desire for many, believe me. Everything becomes easier and thought out more intelligently when we have qualified support to make a few purchases. This is because a personal shopper is a professional hired to help us make purchases, be it clothes, accessories, furniture or other items.

They work closely with customers to understand your preferences, needs and budgetand then select products that meet these criteria, always focusing on the customer's individual desires.

Also, beyond simply choosing items, these professionals can offer fashion advice, style suggestions and even coordinate fitting sessions. Your goal is provide a personalized and convenient shopping experience for your customers, ensuring that they purchase products that meet their expectations and needs. A dream, isn't it?

What does a personal shopper do?

Since the role of the personal shopper is to help with shopping, We need to understand exactly what this means. In other words: what he does. So let's go!

1. Initial consultation

That's where it all starts. Here an initial consultation is carried out with the client to understand your preferences style, needs and budget.

2. Item selection

Select clothing, accessories, footwear, beauty products or other items according to the customer's preferences and needs.

3. Search for the best products

It's time to find the best places to buy the best products. Search physical stores, boutiques, online stores and catalogs to find the items the customer wants. This is all part of the contracted service.

4. Follow trends

If you like to always be in fashion, this professional could be essential for you. That's because he stays up to date on the latest fashion trendsdesign and style to guide the customer in purchasing choices.

5. Helps build a personal style

Help the customer to discover and develop your personal style, suggesting pieces that complement your appearance and personality.

6. Make tailor-made purchases

Accomplish personalized shopping according to style of life, specific occasions, such as events, trips, and also individual preferences.

7. Helps you have a smarter wardrobe

Organizes the client's wardrobe, helping to eliminate unnecessary parts and identify holes that need to be filled. Furthermore, there is also a moment when clothing fittings are carried out by the client, and this is when the personal shopper enters the scene and comments on what looked good or not after the consultation.

8. Helps organize and manage the budget

Work within the budget defined by the clientlooking for options that offer the best value for what is available to spend.

9. Monitor post-purchase

He is also responsible for providing ongoing support after purchases, including exchanges, returns or adjustments of parts whenever the customer deems it necessary.

10. The service is essentially personalized

Finally, the personal shopper is responsible for offering a highly personalized service, always adjusting to individual preferences and specific needs of each client.

Who can practice this profession?

A personal shopper is someone qualified and experienced in fashion and style consultancy, who guides customers in selecting clothing, accessories and products that meet their individual needs and preferences. In general, People who want to pursue this career have a background in fashion, fashion design, marketing or a related fieldin addition to having in-depth knowledge of the latest market trends.

This profession requires strong interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, and a keen eye for aesthetic details. Additionally, it's important to have a solid understanding of your customers' needs and preferences, and an ability to create personalized shopping experiences for each of them.

Finally, those who wish to enter this field also must demonstrate organization and time management skillsas they may be responsible for coordinating several tasks at the same time, from product research to organizing shopping sessions.

What are the advantages of hiring a personal shopper?

Finally, some of the advantages ways to hire a personal shopper are:

  • Time saving
  • It will save money
  • Technical and specialized knowledge
  • You will have access to exclusive products
  • You will have specialized assistance on special occasions
  • Helps make the shopping experience less stressful
  • You can count on the professional after shopping

Did you see how many advantages we can find in this professional? Tell us! Enjoy and also read: Coquette: discover the characteristics of this style

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