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Perfumes: what you need to know about them


Perfumes don’t just translate a good aroma, they reveal each person’s personality. Proof of this is that many use different fragrances for each occasion and according to how they are feeling, in other words, using perfume is a way of expressing behavior, desires and desires. And to express yourself even better, you need to take into account that each skin reacts in a different way, so knowing the structure of perfumes in more depth allows you to choose the best fragrance for your skin.

How to Import Perfumes

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In fact, perfumes are passions of the same 90% of people and within this percentage, BRAZIL has established itself as the most fragrant people in the world, reaching 1st place in the consumer market worldwide for the third consecutive year, leaving the United States behind United States, Germany and France.

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The 10 best imported perfumes for women

Although the demand for imported perfumes has grown a lot, our market is still concentrated on popular brands and has not moved towards more refined perfumes, because Brazilians’ income still does not allow it, not to mention the barrier of high taxes and fees that if they were lower, Brazil would start consuming even more.

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Perfumes are highly valued and have already become status reasons. Many do not even make a point of knowing the structure of a perfume better – knowledge, which, in fact, makes a difference in the best choice – because what really matters is that it smells good. The more experienced ones do not let anything go unnoticed, their notes, which olfactory family it is part of, duration, value quality and praise.

5 tips for getting the right purchase of imported perfume

Fragrance notes tend to become less and less distinct between women’s and men’s perfumes, that is, notes that are normally only found in men’s fragrances are now becoming part of the composition of women’s fragrances and vice versa.

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If you are passionate about perfumes, be sure to see the infographic below that summarizes a little of this scent universe. Ideal for you to learn a little more, identifying important points and tips that will help you make the best choice when purchasing.

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Perfume Infographic

perfume infographic