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How to choose the best travel insurance in New York? How much does good coverage insurance cost? Is travel insurance mandatory to enter New York? What happens if you don’t have one?

This text is a complete guide to help you resolve this boring and bureaucratic – but very important – part of your trip. Over the next few topics, all of the above questions will be answered, step by step.

Is travel insurance necessary to enter New York?

Yes it is. And even if it is NOT mandatory under immigration laws, as is the case in much of Europe. I explain.

It is highly recommended to purchase good travel insurance when visiting New York. The healthcare system in the United States is known for being expensive, and any medical emergency or accident can result in huge expenses.

Additionally, good travel insurance can provide financial coverage for repatriation, trip cancellation, lost luggage and other issues.

It’s like car insurance: you hope you won’t have to use it, but you have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected against accidents and damage.

What is the best travel insurance in New York?

There are dozens of good options, but I will highlight three different insurers:

  • O Affinity 60 has coverage of up to 60 thousand dollars. This insurance company currently owns the best price and value for money.
  • O GTA 75 Euromax It has coverage of up to 75 thousand euros, which is very good. We have already tested GTA insurance in practice a few times, in emergencies, and we recommend it.
  • The Intermac 60 Silver It also has great coverage and a competitive price.

How to choose New York travel insurance, step by step

You don’t need a travel agency or a broker to choose your insurance – just use a travel insurance comparator.

Headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Seguros Promo is the largest company in this niche in the country.

  1. Access the Seguros Promo website.
  2. Enter your trip details.
  3. Compare available plans.
  4. Select the desired plan and click “Buy”.
  5. Fill in the traveler details.
  6. Review and finalize the purchase.
  7. Make payment – ​​don’t forget the discount coupon: 360meridianos05!
  8. Receive the insurance policy by email.

How much does New York travel insurance cost?

Expect to spend between R$20 and R$50 per day of travel on good travel insurance for the United States.

The price may vary and depends on the age of the traveler, the period of the trip and the coverage chosen.

Discount coupon of up to 30%!

Blog readers have an immediate 5% discount coupon when purchasing any travel insurance. Just use “360MERIDIANOS05” at the end of your purchase with Seguros Promo. The discount reaches 10% if you pay via PIX or bank slip.

Want more discount? There is a way! On celebratory dates, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or New Year, there are coupons of up to 30%. How to get? Just click here and check if there is a coupon available at the time of your purchase!

Haven’t chosen your accommodation yet? Some tips:

  • HI NYC Hostel: From U$70. From the Hostelling International chain, in addition to comfortable facilities, it also offers numerous activities for guests, such as pub crawls, parties and various events.
  • West Side YMCA: From U$65. 50 meters from Central Park, it is a simple hostel with low prices, ideal for those who are just spending the night. There are single room options.
  • Hotel Newton: From U$170. Good location, next to the metro station. The rooms are simple and have a microwave and minibar.
  • Arthouse Hotel: From U$280. ​​Century-old hotel with decor inspired by the secret bars and nightclubs of Harlem. There are two restaurants on the property.
  • The Wallace Hotel: From U$530. New and elegant five-star hotel. It is one of the best rated in the region.
  • Hotel Beacon: From U$710. There are options for simple rooms and suites with a kitchen and living room.

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Frequently asked questions about travel insurance New York

Is it mandatory to have travel insurance to visit New York?

There is no legal requirement for travel insurance to visit New York or the United States. However, it is highly recommended to purchase travel insurance to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

What is the recommended medical coverage for travel insurance for New York?

It is recommended to choose travel insurance with comprehensive medical coverage, including medical expenses, hospitalization and medical repatriation. Due to the high medical costs in the country, the ideal is to choose medical coverage no minimum 30 thousand dollars.

Does travel insurance cover lost luggage in New York?

Yes, most travel insurance offers coverage for lost, lost or stolen luggage.

Can I take out travel insurance after arriving in New York?

Most companies do not allow insurance to be purchased or renewed after the start of the trip.

How do I activate travel insurance in case of an emergency in New York?

In case of an incident or emergency, contact the number indicated in the policy, which will be available 24 hours a day.

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