Nomes para cachorro macho: 480 ideias criativas para você se inspirar

Names for male dogs: 480 creative ideas


Choosing a name for a male dog can be a fun but also complicated task. You can choose a name that relates to the animal’s appearance, its personality or that is fun and different. However, some names work better when naming a dog, because, in addition to defining the furry friend’s identity, this is also a tool for the owner to communicate with him.

Therefore, we developed this article with tips on how to choose the best name for a male dog and we suggest more than 450 options for those owners who are still in doubt.

How to choose a good name for a dog?

Every owner wants to choose a special name for their dog, be it fun, elegant or full of meaning. However, it is also important to remember that, although dogs are very intelligent and capable of learning different things, owners must facilitate understanding.

Therefore, we have put together some tips on how to choose a dog name that will please both the owner and the dog.

  • Physical characteristics: Taking into account the dog’s most striking characteristics can be a good way to choose a name. It is possible to choose names that match the coat, like Caramelo, or the size, like Pingo.
  • Personality: It’s also fun to consider the animal’s personality. If the puppy likes to sleep a lot, for example, he may be called Snooze. For those who are very agitated, owners can opt for Hurricane.
  • Avoid using command-like names: it is important that there is no confusion between the name and the commands, so that the dog is not afraid of its own name or does not respond when called. For example, names ending in “ão” can make the pet understand that the owner is saying “no”.
  • Avoid big and complicated names: try to choose easy names of up to two syllables, to ensure that the dog understands. This way, the pet will recognize when it is called and its training will be easier.

List of names for male dogs

Male names for small dogs

1. Abu2. Alfredo3. Pillows4. Alvin
5. Baloo6. Bambam7. Bambi8. Banze
9. Barney10. Bebeto11. Benji12. Pain
13. Beginning14. Bilbo15. Billy16. Bingo
17. Blue18. Bob19. Ball20. Boo
21. Boris22. Other23. Bug24. Bunny
25. Caco26. Chives27. Charlie28. Clip
29. Comet30. Cookie31. Dedé32. Dingo
33. Dinho34. Dobby35. Dodo36. Black
37. Dunga38. Ed39. Elliot40. Squirrel
41. Finn42. Fluffy43. Solution44. Francis
45. Fred46. Frodo47. George48. Gus
49. Jimmy50. Play51. Johnny52. Jojo
53. Play54. Kaka55. Kiko56. Kinder
57. Lord58. Lucky59. Luigi60. Marcel
61. Mascot62. Merlin63. Nemo64. Nino
65. Cloud66. Oddie67. Oliver68. Otto
69. Oz70. Papi71. Petit72. Pimpão
73. Lollipop74. Pliny75. Pong76. Poof
77. Prince78. Puff79. Puppy80. Ray
81. Romeo82. Roy83. Smurf84. Snoop
85. Spock86. Sunny87. Third88. Teco
89. Teddy90. Theo91. Tico92. Toby
93. Tobias94. Toto95.Totoro96. Toy
97. Calm98. Everyone99. Teddy Bear100. Wally
101. Willy102. Woody103. Xodó104. York
105. Yoshi106. To him107. Zaki108. Zeze
List of names for small male dogs
Is your dog small and cute? Choose a name that matches all your sweetness!

Names for large male dogs

109. Ades148. Chuck187. Harper225. Puma
110. Alef149. Clark188. Hercules226. Pump
111. German150. Coyote189. Horacio227. Ralph
112. Alexander151. Colin190. Horse228. Rambo
113. Angus152. Colossus191. Hulk229. Lightning
114. Argus153. Connor192. Hunter230. Ringo
115. Arnold154. Cooper193. Iron231. Rocco
116. Ash155. Danger194. Jack232. Rocky
117. Aslam156. Dante195. Jaffar233. Ruffus
118. Aspen157. Darth196. Eat234. Ryan
119. Astolfo158. Dash197. Joe235. Sam
120. Athos159. Denver198. Callus236. Saturn
121. Axel160. Derek199. King237. Scar
122. Bacchus161. Dexter200. Kristoff238. Scooby
123. Bailey162. Dynamite201. Kurt239. Scooter
124. Balto163. Dino202. Kyle240. Scott
125. Bandit164. Donald203. Lampion241. Shark
126. Barry165. Doug204. Lennon242. Sky
127. Bart166. Dragon205. Lennox243. Sparky
128. Baxter167. Duke206. Lion244. Spot
129. Beethoven168. Dusty207. Magnus245. Stallone
130. Ben169. Dylan208. Manny246. Stark
131. Benny170. Elvis209. Marley247. Sullivan
132. Big171. Enzo210. Martin248. Thanos
133. Bolt172. Eros211. Marvin249. Thor
134. Boomer173. Falcon212. Max250. Tiger
135. Boris174. Ferdinand213. Maximus251. Tigger
136. Boss175. Ferrari214. Mick252. Titan
137. Brad176. Flash215. Milo253. Thunder
138. Bruce177. Fox216. Mufasa254. Typhoon
139. Brutus178. Frankie217. Napoleon255. Turbo
140. Bull179. Claw218. Neptune256. Urso
141. Calvin180. Gaston219. Nick257. Vincent
142. Captain181. Gohan220. Noah258. Wash
143. Casper182. Goliath221. Odin259. West
144. Boss183. Gordon222. Paco260. Sound
145. Chester184. Warrior223. Pancho261. Zack
146. Chico185. Hans224. Parker262. Angry
147. Caleb186. Hector225. Perseus263. Zeus
Photo of a Belgian Shepherd walking in the field
Large dogs need names that suit their size.

Names for black male dogs

  1. Batman
  2. Black
  3. Blake
  4. Brownie
  5. Cocoa
  6. Café
  7. Coal
  8. Chocolate
  9. Corvo
  10. Clove
  11. Dark
  12. Domino
  13. Ebony
  14. Express
  15. Soot
  16. Hello
  17. Lobo
  18. Outside
  19. black man
  20. Than
  21. Negresco
  22. Neguinho
  23. Nescau
  24. Night
  25. Oreo
  26. Pantera
  27. little black
  28. Burnt
  29. Sombra
  30. Trevoso
  31. Ursus
  32. Vader
  33. Zorro
List of names for black male dogs
There are some really fun name options for black-coated male dogs.

Names for white male dogs

  1. Cotton
  2. Rice
  3. Sugar
  4. Snowball
  5. White
  6. Chantilly
  7. Creme
  8. Tow
  9. Ghost
  10. Flake
  11. Floquinho
  12. Greek
  13. Marshmallow
  14. Milk
  15. snowy
  16. Neve
  17. Child
  18. Noel
  19. Olaf
  20. Panda
  21. Polar
  22. Pongo
  23. Snow
  24. Suggar
  25. Sigh
  26. Tapioca
  27. Winter
Photo of a furry white poodle dog
Male dogs with white fur can have cute names, like Chantilly and Cotton.

Names for male dogs with striking characteristics

  1. Albino
  2. Yellow
  3. Moustache
  4. Caramel
  5. Hurricane
  6. Gigante
  7. Gordo
  8. skinny
  9. Tabby
  10. Stains
  11. Mountain
  12. Runt
  13. Ears
  14. Pimpolho
  15. drop
  16. Painted
  17. Pitoco
  18. With pomp
  19. For money
  20. Nap
  21. Fast

Fun names for male dogs

  1. Bamboo
  2. Toothless
  3. Blitz
  4. Bogota
  5. Champion
  6. Kangaroo
  7. Nipples
  8. Cowboy
  9. Dollar
  10. Dumbo
  11. Dunga
  12. Fuze
  13. Spark
  14. beetle
  15. Gordo
  16. Cricket
  17. Toothpick
  18. Painted
  19. Pirate
  20. Porsche
  21. Potter
  22. Sherlock
  23. Nap
  24. Tango
  25. Tarzan
  26. Texas
  27. Clover
  28. namesake
Photo of a big-eared chihuahua
Your dog’s striking features can be used to choose names that suit him.

Names of food and drinks for male dogs

  1. Rosemary
  2. Alfalfa
  3. Peanut
  4. I am
  5. Brigadier
  6. Chambinho
  7. Cheddar
  8. Gum
  9. Ketchup
  10. Bitter
  11. Kiwi
  12. Molasses
  13. Porridge
  14. Muffin
  15. Nacho
  16. Oregano
  17. Casserole
  18. Mashed potato
  19. Custard
  20. Sausage
  21. Sardine
  22. Temaki
  23. Tic Tac
  24. Tofu
  25. Crackling
  26. Wheat
  27. Drover
List of strong names for male dogs
Is your dog brave? Give him a hero name.

Strong names for male dogs

If your dog is brave and fearless, he deserves a strong name that matches his personality. Here are some suggestions for names of historical heroes and comic book heroes for your male dog!

Heroes of history
  1. Leonidas
  2. Napoleon
  3. Arthur
  4. Apollo
  5. César
  6. Beowulf
  7. Hercules
  8. Conan
  9. Solomon
  10. Odysseus
  11. Samson
  12. Neptune
  13. Achilles
  14. Theseus
  15. Gandhi
  16. Ragnar
  17. Buda
  18. Mandela (Nelson Mandela)
  19. Martin (Martin Luther King)
  20. Getúlio
comic book heroes
  1. Superman
  2. Batman
  3. Wolverine
  4. Aquaman
  5. Black Panther (Pantera Negra)
  6. Robin
  7. Cyclops
  8. Deadpool
  9. Star-Lord
  10. Luke Cage
  11. Hellboy
  12. Blade
  13. Big
  14. Hawk
  15. Xavier (Professor Xavier)
  16. Magneto
  17. Logan
  18. Loki

Names of characters from series and films

  1. Walter (Breaking Bad)
  2. Dexter (Dexter)
  3. Tony (The Sopranos)
  4. Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)
  5. Ross (Friends)
  6. Jesse (Breaking Bad)
  7. Tyrion (Game of Thrones)
  8. Rick (The Walking Dead)
  9. Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)
  10. Negan (The Walking Dead)
  11. Malcolm (Malcolm in the Middle)
  12. Harvey (Suits)
  13. Lucifer (Lucifer)
  14. Don (Mad Men)
  15. Chandler (Friends)
  16. Tyrone (Mr. Robot)
  17. Neo (Matrix)
  18. Joey (Friends)
  19. Peter (Spider-Man)
  20. Anakin (Star Wars)
  21. Forrest (Forrest Gump)
  22. Jason (Friday the 13th)
  23. Han Solo (Star Wars)
  24. Smeagol (The Lord of the Rings)
  25. Tony (Iron Man)
  26. Dustin (Stranger Things)
  27. Clark (Smallville)
  28. Dan (Gossip Girl)
  29. Damon (Vampire Diaries)
  30. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
  31. James (James Bond)
  32. Michael (The Office)
  33. Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
  34. Derek (Grey’s Anatomy)
  35. Cameron (Modern Family)
  36. Seth (The O.C)
  37. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
  38. Marty (Back to the Future)
  39. Augustine (The Great Family)
  40. Tuco (The Big Family)
  41. Jim (The Office)
  42. Jake (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
  43. Bino (Heavy Load)

After choosing the best name suggestions for male dogs, it may be interesting for owners to select the ones that caught the most attention and test them with their dogs. This way, they will find out which one sounds better and which one their dogs had an easier time identifying. Good luck!