Midsize- A origem e o que significa esse novo termo

Midsize, what is it? Origin of the term, trend in Brazil and representatives


The term midsize, new in Brazil, refers to people who are “average size” and promises more representation in fashion.

Although beauty standards present us with a thin body type as the ideal, the diversity and plurality of bodies allows us to find beauty in each of us. Sometimes this beauty doesn’t fit into any of the pre-established boxes, and that’s why the term midsize was created, bringing a new concept of beauty and biotype to the surface.

Still little used in Brazil, the term midsize tries to cover women who do not identify as either thin or fat. Generally, women whose biotype falls within the midsizeare used in commercials and advertisements to portray models plus size and this ends up creating enormous confusion in people’s minds.

Midsize- The origin and what this new term means
Vix Meldrew

The origin of the term Midsize

The term emerged in the United States, as one of the measures of the movement body positive to encourage women to know and accept their bodies the way they are. The term initially covers American women who use numbers from 44 to 56, however, the biotype of these women does not represent a standardization for all countries, after all, we have different bodies.

Midsize- The origin and what this new term means
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Midsize no Brasil

Here in Brazil, this term is being used to identify women who are in the “middle ground”, that is, women who are not considered thin, but also do not fit the fat profile.

On the other hand, Brazilian women considered within this term are those who wear from size 40 to 48. These numbers, which until then were considered plus sizefind a new meaning from the creation of the term.

As the term becomes more popular, it brings with it a wave of empowerment and representation for women who find themselves in this dress size.

Glamor Magazine

Understanding better what Midsize is

Self-knowledge is what counts most when creating your style and wardrobe. Contrary to what most people think, being framed in terms such as plus size or midsizeit doesn’t mean anything to others, if it doesn’t mean anything to you.

Even if your body is within what is labeled under these terms, you are the one who really makes the assessment of what suits you. Therefore, even if you are a Brazilian woman who wears sizes above 48 there is still a great possibility that you are not included in the category plus size.

After all, our body type is quite curvy and tends to locate fat mainly on the hips and buttocks.

Healthy is the new skinny

The power of representation

To better visualize what the term is about midsizehere are some models who are not only part of the “average size class”, but also encourage the popularization of the term.

Nanna Fernandes

Midsize- The origin and what this new term means

Blogger and digital influencer, Nanna is one of the women who identifies as midsize.

Therefore, on her Instagram profile, she talks a lot about this topic, which eventually became a report of personal experiences. Her posts aim to bring more visibility to women. midsizes.

Marielli Mallman

Canal DMulher

He’s a YouTuber and digital influenceruses its platforms to talk about conscious consumption, as well as decoration, fashion and body positive.

Anushka Moore


Model and businesswoman, Anushka founded Midsize Collection, a public-facing Instagram profile midsize. The focus of the content is mainly to generate representation for women of average size.

In summary, the midsize seeks to bring to light the fact that many women suffer from the invisibility of their bodies, whose pieces are not designed to fit their body types.

We hope that now with this article, your search for new parts and models will be easier, more fun and full of representation.

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